ABCNews refuses to allow Republican response to Obama’s health care propaganda

ABC News sheds all pretense of objectivity. (H/T Hot Air)

Drudge reports: (H/T Gateway Pundit)

On the night of June 24, the media and government become one, when ABC turns its programming over to President Obama and White House officials to push government run health care — a move that has ignited an ethical firestorm!

Highlights on the agenda:

ABCNEWS anchor Charlie Gibson will deliver WORLD NEWS from the Blue Room of the White House.

The network plans a primetime special — ‘Prescription for America’ — originating from the East Room, exclude opposing voices on the debate.

Republicans asked for a response, as is customary:

As the national debate on health care reform intensifies, I am deeply concerned and disappointed with ABC’s astonishing decision to exclude opposing voices on this critical issue on June 24, 2009. Next Wednesday, ABC News will air a primetime health care reform “town hall” at the White House with President Barack Obama. In addition, according to an ABC News report, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, WORLD NEWS, NIGHTLINE and ABC’s web news “will all feature special programming on the president’s health care agenda.” This does not include the promotion, over the next 9 days, the president’s health care agenda will receive on ABC News programming.

ABC posted a rejection on their blog. (H/T Michelle Malkin)

I hope we can all agree that a robust debate of health care issues and potential policies is in order.

and below their rejection letter:

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Gateway Pundit notes:

The last time Obama held a “town hall meeting” in the White House ALL of the participants were campaign supporters.

The Director of Communications for the White House Office of Health Reform, since last month, is former ABC News correspondent Linda Douglass.

Shouldn’t they at least pretend to be objective?

UPDATE: Stop the ACLU writes that they also refused commercials that opposed Obama’s health care plan.

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