What are our troops doing on Memorial day?

I thought that I would observe Memorial day by taking some time to read about the exploits of our military forces in the field, so that I would be able to more fully appreciate the sacrifices they are making to provide me with liberty, prosperity and SECURITY.

I looked around and found this article by Bill Roggio, on the Long War Journal. (H/T Foundation for Defense of Democracies)


Afghan commandos and US troops are battling the Taliban for control of a region in northern Helmand province that serves as a command and control center as well as a major drug processing center.

The combined forces launched an attack against the Taliban in the town of Marja in the Nad Ali District late at night on March 18. The town is described by the US military as “a main command node” and a “hub of narcotics processing” for the Taliban in Helmand province. According to Quqnoos, an English language Afghan news outlet, Marja has been under Taliban control for more than a year and a half.

Afghan commandos and US forces took control of the center of the town and targeted the bazaar, which is described as “a nucleus of militant activity.” There the forces discovered two “war rooms stocked with maps, communication equipment, Russian-made night vision goggles and US military vehicle parts,” as well as a variety of weapons.

The soldiers also discovered a large amount of home made explosives and “packaged into gallon-size drums and prepared for use in vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices,” as well as 14,750 kilograms of black tar opium, 11 kilograms of processed heroin and 30 kilograms of morphine.

Thirty-four Taliban fighters have been killed during what the US military called heavy fighting to control the town. Sixteen fighters were killed in an airstrike in the bazaar as the Taliban attempted to retake control of the town. Six more Taliban fighters surrendered during Coalition raids in the town.

For more reading, why not check out some of the military bloggers?

If you want to help out our troops, you can send them things through Soldier’s Angels. Earlier this year, I won a contest in our office for sending the most stuff to our adopted units! It’s fun! If anyone wants a list of what they like to get, please e-mail me.

For our Canadian readers, I understand that your Memorial Day is November the 11th, to celebrate the armistice of the first world war. But in case you like to be reminded about your important role in providing freedom from tyranny, here is something I wrote recently about your prime minister Stephen Harper, and his surprise visit to see the Canadian troops deployed in Afghanistan. There are photos!

God Bless our troops!

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