Michele Bachmann calls for Napolitano to resign

Representative Michele Bachmann
Representative Michele Bachmann

This video is awesome. (H/T The Maritime Sentry)

But the leaked DHS report is not the only problem that conservatives are facing from the fascist left. The tolerant left, champions of diversity and tolerance, doesn’t like the idea of hearing things that might hurt their feelings. Every word you say has the potential to incite violence against them!

So, they’ve proposed this new Hate Crimes bill so that they don’t have to listen to people they disagree with anymore.

Excerpt from a post on Atheism Analyzed: (H/T Apologetics 315)

Committee members allowed that, yes, the law could result in the imprisonment of religious leaders. Conceivably then, a threat might be perceived in the preaching from a Bible (the weapon), perceived as inciting “radicals” to do bodily harm to non-believers or gays or whoever. Thus the perception allegedly received by the alleged victim holds total sway over the actual occurrence, which in actuality might have been completely benign.

If the validity of the actual occurrence is not the basis for justice, then there is no justice under this proposed law; it is an invitation for persecution by allegation of personal offendedness, a legalization of internal outrage as the definition of a crime regardless of whether the outrage is legitimate.

Protection from outrage is not possible; so persecution of the hated must substitute. Justice misapplied can become persecution, and it undoubtedly will if H.R. 1913 becomes law.

We elected Obama, and now the whole country will look like the university campuses, where leftist fascism is the rule, and conservatives need bodyguards and police escorts in order to be able to speak.


Michele Bachmann talks with Neil Cavuto about cap and trade, and the recession: (H/T The Maritime Sentry)

Sensible science, sensible energy policy and sensible pollution reduction. Why won’t the socialists just listen to her? Just do whatever she says to do and we’ll get out of this mess that the Democrats put us into.

2 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann calls for Napolitano to resign”

  1. Thanks for the h/t. It really is encouraging to have such a good conservative champion, unapologetically, our point of view. I hope when we reclaim the House the Congresswoman gets a leadership post. She is doing more to help the conservative agenda then our current leadership.


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