Video clip from Craig vs Hitchens debate at Biola, on God and meaning in life

This is from the recent debate held at Biola University between Dr. William Lane Craig, and Christopher Hitchens.

By the way, don’t forget to check out my play-by-play of the debate here, and other reviews of the debate here. I also wrote a play-by-play of the recent debate at Columbia University in February 2009 between Craig and Yale philosopher Shelly Kagan. The topic there was “Is God Necessary for Morality?”


If you missed Dr. Craig debating on the Michael Coren show in Canada, check out these video clips posted by ChristianJR4, located below the fold. You have to click the link to display the rest of the post to see them.

Clip 1 of 5:

Clip 2 of 5:

Clip 3 of 5:

Clip 4 of 5:

Clip 5 of 5:

3 thoughts on “Video clip from Craig vs Hitchens debate at Biola, on God and meaning in life”

  1. Craig mentioned the “glorification of God” as one of life’s purposes.

    Even when I was religious, I never cared for the prayers and texts that glorified God and said how wonderful he was. They seemed to me to be obsequeious, and basically similar to what one says to a bully who you fear might destroy you on a whim.


    1. Great comment. This came out in a ton in Hitchens’ debate with Craig, and in the most stark terms. If you could write a bit about it on TransparentEye, and explain how you came to these intuitions, I would certainly link to it.

      When I think of Christ, I think of him divesting himself of his majesty in order to enter into our experiences of suffering and suffer with us. He’s trying to get our attention by rescuing us. I do not find this intimidating.

      Just this week I was reading about divine hiddenness and marveling at how he keeps himself veiled so that we have to make an effort to pursue him by following the evidence. It’s hide and seek, and for some reason, it doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers Hitchens.

      It is OK with me to respond to the person who sacrifices the most for me. I don’t find this coercive or limiting on my freedom. And you’re talking to someone who is hyper-sensitive to encroachments on my freedom by, say, marriage to a non-Christian woman.

      I’m sorry that I’ve been such an ogre lately, but I am deliberately trying to take away from non-Christians the idea that there is a morality apart from God by which they can justify themselves to God and compare themselves favorably against Christians. My post at 5 AM tomorrow will clearly make this point.

      An accidental universe populated by meat-machines in competition with one another for survival is not a foundation for compassion.


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