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Happy New Year, and a big thank you to all Wintery Knight readers!

The Wintery Knight blog
The Wintery Knight blog

It’s the end of another year of blogging here at Wintery Knight.

I wanted to thank each and every one of our readers, especially those who leave comments, and those who send us tips.

We are ending the year with a final page visit count of 1,084,779.

Please click here for the full summary of our numbers since January of 2009.

We’ve got Blog Awards!

I also wanted to report to you that Wintery Knight was recently named to the Top 40 Conservative Blogs for the fourth quarter of 2011 by John Hawkins of Right Wing News. And we were also received one of the Fabulous 50 Blog Awards from Doug Ross. We tied for “Best Political Blogging”. I also want to thank Brian Auten of Apologetics 315 for frequently linking to my posts on Christian apologetics and theology in his Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links.

Help Us Out

I wanted to ask you to please send me news tips for any stories that you find that are interesting and relevant to the blog, particularly those of you in the early Republican primary states. Also, if you see any stories related to Christian topics, especially apologetics, please send them to me.

To support the blog financially, please click on one of the book images in the center column when you are zoomed in on a specific post, and then buy anything (not just the book you clicked) from We receive a portion of all sales that are made after you click on one of the book images and go through to

Also, if you are not already my friend on Facebook, then please friend me. Facebook is the place where you can get to know me more as a person. You can also follow me on Twitter. If you know someone else who might like our blog, won’t you please consider telling them about us?

That’s all for now! Happy New Year!

Open thread about formatting, topics and rules on this blog

(Image courtesy of Miss Marprelate)

Hey regular readers! It’s time for us to have a talk, so please sit down.

First of all I just want to thank you all for being regular readers of my humble blog, and I especially want to thank the regular commenters, like Mary and Richard, and those who send in stories, like ECM and Wes, and those who link to me, like Binks and Brian. I also want how much I love and appreciate each one of you, and I would love to hear more about the challenges you are facing in your day-to-day lives and how you think I could help you more.

I’ve been thinking about how I could serve you all better. I wanted to directly solicit suggestions about what you like most about the blog, what you like least, and what you would like to see changed.

Here are some of the areas you might want to comment on:

  • topic selection for blog posts
  • frequency of posts by me
  • frequency of guest posts
  • length of posts
  • which blog that I like to do you like the best
  • who is your favorite commenter
  • what kind of comments do you like most
  • what kind of comments do you like least
  • what do you look at first when you arrive
  • how do you read the blog (mobile, RSS reader)
  • would you like help starting your own blog
  • have you ever considered writing a guest post
  • what would you like to know more about me personally
  • would you like to see more graphics and videos
  • how do you feel about the the threaded comments
  • would you like me to get rid of the ads that sometimes appear
  • do you like this blog theme
  • do you want anything added or removed from the blog roll
  • do you want anything added or removed from the RSS news feeds in the middle column
  • do you like the two counters (feedjit and whosamungus)
  • do you have an apologetics event that you need me to post about
  • problems with post formatting
  • problems with comment formatting
  • problems with layout and color scheme
  • problems with fonts and quoting
  • problems with printing and navigation
  • anything else you can think of

You can either post a comment in this post, or e-mail me directly.

If you are a regular reader (e.g. – the Calgary reader who uses a Mac and Safari, the Los Angeles reader who uses Win XP and Firefox, the Santa Fe reader who uses IE8 on Windows Vista, etc.), then I would be so pleased if you could send me an e-mail and introduce yourself. I would love to know who my regular readers are and all the feedjit thing tells me is city, country, browser and operating system.

You can also contact me or be my Facebook friend. Details here. I’m going to be attending the November apologetics conference in Atlanta, so you should try to meet me there, if you want to meet me. I know lots of you are excited about connecting with me on a personal level. I have sometimes sallied forth to meet some of my regular readers in other cities and countries, so if you want me to do that, let me know. I can also be reached using Yahoo chat (my e-mail address), Facebook chat (Wintery Knight), and on Skype (but I have to know you first!).

By the way, if you want to help with the blog by writing a guest post, then please go ahead and do that. We can talk about the topic of your guest post first before you start working on it. I would really appreciate it if you e-mailed your family, friends and co-workers about the blog if you like it. But be careful about e-mailing it to atheists and liberals at work, because I don’t want you to get in trouble with my more controversial posts.

If you want to share my posts on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon, that would also be wonderful. And thanks to those who already do share my posts on Twitter and Facebook, especially.

If you’re wondering how to get an image for commenting to appear next to your comments, go here.

Please make sure to add your BLOG URL to the URL field when you comment. It gets you an automatic trackback to your blog, plus you will be linked in the Recent Comments list, as well.

If you want access to the blog statistics, you can e-mail me and I will add you as a contributor so you can see some of the internals of the blog, and even write your own posts.

New domain name has been registered! Thanks to all my readers!

I just added a new domain name but the main domain will still be active until Google gives me a new PageRank.

This is to celebrate my crossing over 100,000 page views since the blog began.

Please e-mail me if you notice any problems.

You can also update your bookmarks, but the old links should be redirected automatically.

Now is probably a good time to thank all my readers, especially my regular readers, and most of all my regular commenters, and most of all ECM, who gives me over half of my stories!

If you like the blog, please send it the new URL to all of your friends and invite them to give it a read.