Late night fun: Occupy Wall Street pick-up lines!

From Investors Business Daily, some Occupy Wall Street pick-up lines.


@jpodhoretz What time do you get off from not working?

@mdrache Can I have my mom’s debit card buy you a drink?

@adamsbaldwin So, do you not work here?

@derekahunter I don’t know why I’m here either. We have so much in common!

@DanaPerino I could get lost in your bloodshot, burned out eyes.

@kiradavis422 I luv how u reject the fascistic American standard of beauty by refusing to shave, bathe or wear attractive clothing. Its hot.

@derekahunter Your parent’s basement or mine?

@jimgeraghty I know a patch of sidewalk right in front of this great little Italian place.

@chuck_dizzle I bet my degree is more worthless than yours.

@a1776patriot My parents think I’m in class too!!!

@informedblackmn Your eyes are like cesspools in the moonlight.

@DonnaBonnell You remind me of a female Janeane Garafalo.

@brandondarby Seeing you with that Molotov really gets me hot.

@mattysprings Want to help me offset my carbon emissions?

@Aslan444 I just got my Pell Grant & food stamps, let’s party!

@CDR My dad would hate you! Let’s do it!!

See the latest additions over here.

Here’s one: @JamesTaranto: What’s your sign? I don’t know how to read. #OWSpickuplines

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