Celebrate Hallowe’en with some scary old time radio shows

Its MCSpinster!
Its MCSpinster!

Here are some of the scariest old time radio shows EVER! These are MP3 files. Be careful, they are SCARY!

The House in Cypress Canyon is the scariest, in my opinion. If you can’t download MP3s, then you can read the transcript here.

I am a big fan of old time radio from 1939-1959.

11 thoughts on “Celebrate Hallowe’en with some scary old time radio shows”

      1. Oh that’s alright. :)

        I just prefer to err of the side of caution in these things. I think it’s unhealthy for children especially to dress them up as witches and demons. It trivializes evil. And in cultures where there is widespread animism, it encourages that animism. If I want to tell my Christian friends who come from animistic traditional African religious backgrounds (often their parents might practise animism) that they shouldn’t take part in that and then I say Halloween is fine, it’s problematic.

        It’s like the dilemma the apostle Paul addresses of whether of not to eat food sacrificed to idols. I wouldn’t condemn someone for taking part in Halloween celebrations, but I might not want to encourage it, particularly if it could lead some to sin.


    1. I think it’s the intent which is important here. Do all those people who celebrate Halloween do so in order to worship some Pagan god or they simply having fun? Like St. Paul says in the first letter to the Corinthians, we shouldn’t do it if it confuses fellow Christians. If there is a clarity of thought, I don’t think this really is an issue.


      1. That’s kind of how I feel about it right now. I really like Shakespearean tragedies and part of liking that is liking all the villains and the things they say that are interesting. I think the 3 witches in Macbeth, the evil sisters in King Lear, the self-centered, shallow Queen in Hamlet, and clever Richard III are all interesting villains. That’s why I like old time radio so much. Somehow, monsters and villains are appealing to me. I also like the funny things they say when they are caught and realize how evil doesn’t pay.

        Throwing newts and other bits of creatures into a pot and casting spells on people is so weird, for example. Who even knows what a newt is? I don’t. And I certainly would not pick up a dead bat either.


        1. My sister had a pet newt.

          It’s like a swimming lizard and you keep it in a fish tank of water like a fish.

          And if you pull its tail off, it will grow another one.


          1. You pull the tails off of newts? You horrible meany villain monstress! I hope that someone sends you some nice apologetics books to stop you from thinking that hurting newts is morally acceptable!

            I used to put my finger on my cockatiel’s tail when I was younger when he would be walking around on the floor, and he hated it. He would hiss at me, which is what birds do when you annoy them. Now I try never to do anything that upsets him, except trim his nails and wipe his nose and shampoo him with baby shampoo. He’s getting more tolerant of being handled in his old bird age, especially if you whistle some video game music while talking to him nose-to-beak. He’s 21 now. They normally live about 16 years. 20 is quite high, and the record is 30ish.

            I’m going out to mail a package right now with apologetics books in it.


          2. I don’t have a newt or a hermit crab or a trantula for pets. But I know people who do.

            I don’t even like fish and don’t think I’d like birds. You can’t cuddle fish, and I would guess you can’t cuddle birds, at least not very well.

            I finally just bought my daughter glass fish that float around in her fish tank. She’s not very good at keeping the real ones alive.

            I prefer nice furry mammels who like to cuddle. Dogs and cats.
            Generally don’t pull their tails unless we’re play fighting.
            I take care not to pull their tails off, but play fighting is important.
            It helps to alleviate the horrible, meany, villainous monstress tendencies.
            That and nice apologetics books.

            Finding “On Guard” a difficult read ;) . Oh, the words aren’t hard to understand. But the glue in the binding isn’t holding and the pages are falling out. I have to keep it in a plastic bag when not in use and hold it very carefully while reading.


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