MUST-SEE: What is it like to argue with a left-wing liberal?

This video about arguing with a left-wing liberal was sent to me by ECM.

Here is the MP3 file.

I think it is really accurate. They really are like this. I actually had a female aquaintance who used to argue against the military and against war with me like this, and she would get very agitated and irrational – unable to understand logical relationships like greater than or less than, or less probable and more probable. Everything is about the moral equivalence – there was no possible condition under which war could ever be justified.

3 thoughts on “MUST-SEE: What is it like to argue with a left-wing liberal?”

  1. Every (and I do mean EVERY) conversation with a die-hard leftist will approach this level of incoherence over the course of a conversation. Without fail. Bank on it.


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