How hard work and business ownership makes people conservative

Well, here’s the story of one from the Washington Times.


High school freshman Tim Scott could not afford Chick-fil-A sandwiches back in 1981, but the French fries were good and inexpensive. Eating those fries made him a success, a conservative and an odds-on favorite to be the next congressman from Charleston, S.C.

Mr. Scott has been garnering attention because he is a black Republican who won a primary over the son of the late one-time segregationist Sen. Strom Thurmond. South Carolina acquaintances, though, are coming out of the woodwork to say Mr. Scott bears watching not because he is black but because he’s the real deal: industrious, principled, consistent, thoughtful. In a word, authentic.

But to hear him tell it, it all began with the fries.

Mr. Scott’s parents were split – his father was in the Air Force in Colorado – and his mother, he said, worked two eight-hour shifts daily. “She was a nurse’s assistant cleaning up other people’s feces,” he said. “That’s nobody’s definition of fun.” Despite her example of hard work, though, his own schoolwork showed no signs of similar dedication. “I literally failed four subjects at once: world geography, civics, Spanish and English. Those last two subjects showed I wasn’t bilingual, I was bi-ignorant.”

Young Mr. Scott did, however, hold down a part-time job taking tickets at a movie theater. The Chick-fil-A was next door. He bought fries there regularly. The restaurant’s proprietor, a guy named John Moniz – a “Christian conservative white Republican, although I didn’t know it at the time,” Mr. Scott said – “just started recognizing me, and one day he came up and sat down next to me and started talking.”

I love this story. I’m a colored evangelical Protestant man. I was the only evangelical Christian and the only political conservative in my entire family. My Dad used to bring me to work ALL the time, even on weekends – and I would meet all his co-workers, drink coffee and play with his office supplies. My conversion started when I got my first paying job – programming UNIX shell scripts for a high-tech corporation while I was still a teenager – and that was my lowest paying job ever. One look at my pay check and I was through with the government and their lousy payroll taxes. I didn’t see them in my office helping me to debug and test –  so why did they deserve any of my money? I let my grades slide to keep working right through college (until grad school). I always valued working and saving and investing more than education. It’s the pattern you learn from watching your father work – the dignity of labor – the joy of independence – the ability to share with those in need. Work makes you a conservative.

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Marco Rubio responds to Democrat Harry Reid’s comments that no Hispanic person can be a Republican.

Marco Rubio is a Hispanic Republican who is about to win a federal Senate seat. I have been following him since his election announcement.

3 thoughts on “How hard work and business ownership makes people conservative”

  1. No Hispanic person can be a Republican? Does Reid think before he speaks? :)

    Most Hispanics are pro-life, pro-family, and Catholic. How can they not be a Republican? You won’t find those values in the liberal camp.


  2. I believe the best politicians are either liberal Christians or atheist republicans. But that only illustrate my point that both sides are missing reality.

    Your side thinks in lies like: “work as to be hard because life is hard and there’s nothing you can do to make life enjoyable so you better get used to it.”

    Another lie: “that if you’ve got energy, a few bright ideas about technology, a garage, you too could start a major thing.”
    “It’s probably as unlikely that you would nowadays becomes as rich and famous as Bill Gates, as it was unlikely in the 17th century that you would accede to the ranks of the French aristocracy.”

    “There is plenty to everyone… though in reality there really isn’t…” That’s why if you have the luck or the cunning to get really rich you can get your life a bit easier and if your in the mood give some of your spare to the poor… who will always stay poor…

    I’ve worked at several places and corporations so I know how they think and it’s all about profits, they don’t care with job creation or contributing for the economy or whatever, they only care about themselves. You have to work your ass out because there are thousands out there who want your place. They don’t want to raise your salary either for the same reason.

    In my country, to my knowledge, there are 2 somewhat big organizations that are exemplary! One is a coffee enterprise the other is a foundation with the focus on wine and olive oil production. I believe that the main reason of their outstanding performance on communal issues, work enjoyability and economic responsibility is the vision, the courage, the greatness and the principles of their founders. They really didn’t create business enterprises they created “charity” enterprises which helped the communities where they were founded to be productive. They are first foundations and after that business enterprises.

    They make top quality products, their staff is happy and well payed, they get top training. These companies work for the community, for the quality of their products and for the enrichment of the workers. Only after that they work to increase profits.


    I believe that though 99% of the business owners say that they have a heart and they care… they really don’t… when the money starts flowing they just want more. To buy that million dollar house, the boat and the Ferrari. Moreover for most companies survival of the fittest is really the main concern so they can’t worry about you! Is survival through any means possible or death. It’s funny that conservatives don’t believe in the evolution of the species but believe in the survival of the fittest in business… giving a blind eye to the hardships of that kind of economy…

    Also you have a sickening and blinding focus on individuality rather than in society and community at large. That is very selfish.

    Money is power. Unity is power. Those are the only powers in this world. The first enslaves you, the second releases you.


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