Neil Simpson posts on the worst GPS directions ever!



The scene: My youngest daughter and I were returning from a couple of college visits.  We were trying to find a gas station to fill up the rental car so I wouldn’t have to pay the good folks at AVIS $5 / gallon, or whatever exorbitant rate they charge these days.

As is often the case, there were no gas stations near the airport.  We used the GPS to search for nearby stations.  There was one a few miles a way.  Good news, right?  Not exactly.

We went down a narrow, winding road through the woods and came to a road by the river.  Then we went along the river for about a mile.

Click here for the punch line.

What? It’s still Friday night on the west coast, and I don’t want to go to bed.

2 thoughts on “Neil Simpson posts on the worst GPS directions ever!”

  1. Haha! I don’t have GPS, but my “sense of direction” does that to me for free. ;-) Oh and Googlemaps did that to me as well. It took me to the wrong Church street. It took me to a Church street in one suburb, while proclaiming that it had found the Church street in an entirely different suburb. And I believed it.


  2. Thanks for the link! The GPS usually works well, but once it continued to tell me to go the wrong direction. I was testing it as I went on a known route (East) and it kept telling me to turn around and go West. I suppose it would have been right in 28,000 miles or so.


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