ECM’s new blog will document a 40-day water fast that begins today

ECM has decided to start a new 40 day fast, and he made a new blog to record his progress. He’s quite a funny writer and you may want to bookmark the site and check in there once in a while to make sure that he is still alive. So far, he’s explained a little bit about it in the first few posts.

Here’s what’s on his menu for the next 40 days:


  • 1 gallon of H2O/day.
  • Beef/chicken bullion spiked w/ added salt 3-5x/day.
  • Body fat, muscle tissue and major organs all day, every day, until I run out and/or die from severe internal bleeding.

Not consuming:

  • Everything else.

You might think that he is fasting 40 days for Lent, but he’s a Deist, not a Christian, so he has other reasons for fasting.

Q: Why are you doing a 40-day fast?

A: A couple of reasons:

1. I ate way way way too much over the holidays (the holidays, loosely defined as Halloween ‘09 through, uh, this Sunday) and have a lot more to lose than normal. (Normal being 10-15lbs; right now, though, I’m competing w/ King Hippo for bragging rights.)

2. To prove that I can.

(Yes, that’s right: this is primarily a misguided effort at proving to myself that I can, indeed, go the distance come hell or high water (or pass a McDonald’s without succumbing to the siren song of special sauce).)

And here is a picture of ECM, pre-fast:

ECM (pre-fast)

You might think that this picture cannot be ECM, since he’s actually a beaver with a helmet.

Who is this?

But I think the beaver is actually just some video game character, and not really ECM.

Does anyone know the name of this beaver? I think it’s Sherbet or something.

5 thoughts on “ECM’s new blog will document a 40-day water fast that begins today”

  1. eating chicken makes your “water fast” not a water fast. i fasted for 40 days on water because i had a cancerous mole and i’d heard about fasting and how it heals. it was hard as hell. might have been easier if i took shortcuts by eating chicken every day.

    btw, the cancer vanished completely during my fast.


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