MUST-LISTEN: Hindu/Christian debate on anti-conversion law in India

You must listen to this debate.

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Unbelievable? 24 Oct 2009 – Christian conversion of Hindus – 24 October 2009

In light of Premier’s Faith Without Fear campaign, this discussion between Anil Bhanot and Sunil Raheja addresses the tensions that exist when Christians seek to evangelise Hindus in India.

What is acceptable? Is the response of some Hindus justified? Is it wrong for Christians to state that Jesus is the “only” way to God?

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Below you can find my play-by-play summary of the debate.

The relevant passage from the Bible in which Jesus commands Christians to share their beliefs with non-Christians is found in Matthew 28:16-20. This is the part that the Hindu scholars disagree with.

16Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go.

17When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted.

18Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.

19Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

20and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

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My previous post that discusses whether Hinduism is compatible with the Big Bang cosmology is here.

My comments are in italics.

– explains Hinduism: impersonal unknowable Brahma, incarnations
– all religions are paths to the impersonal divine (pantheism with polytheistic elements)

– former Hindu, convert because of lack of meaning and purpose, describes conversion
– changed from works-based salvation to salvation by grace
– there is a capacity for grace in Hinduism, not just works based
– Christian campus groups do a better job of explaining their religion than Hindus

– well for me, I did it on my own dealing directly with God, no assistance from Christians

– I object to Christians going out to convert others to your religion

– i don’t like the turn or burn style of evangelism
– but asking people the big questions, that’s good evangelism

– we Hindus don’t evangelize
– we think of Jesus as another deity (an incarnation of Brahma)
– i oppose Christians for saying in public that I am wrong and they are right
– Christians are wrong, and I (a Hindu) am right!

– but persuasion and conversion is everywhere in the marketplace

– Christians are mean and they go out plundering countries and killing other people
– converting people to Christianity is the stealing of souls from other countries
– Christianity is an evil religion and Christians are evil people
– I know better what Jesus would do than Christians do, Jesus would not proselytize

– I am against the use of coercion in evangelism

– sharing your faith in Jesus as your favorite incarnation among many incarnations is fine (polytheism – the Hindu view)
– but missionaries say that only Christ is the true God and they have no right to say things that are incompatible with Hinduism
– Christians have no right to say that Christ is the true God, that is incompatible with Hinduism
– you need to keep your exclusive views to yourself, but I will force Hinduism on you in public
– you should be prevented by law from expressing your exclusive Christian view in public
– Hindus like me are very very tolerant of other views, so you should agree with Hinduism, not Christianity

– Christianity teaches that Jesus is a son of God, not God himself
– Christians are wrong about the doctrine of the Trinity
– efforts to convert should not involve any good works like giving food or medical treatment

– Mother Teresa met peoples needs for food and medical care, but she did it as a public Christian
– but this would break your rule about conversion using good works and charity
– so is Mother Teresa a bad person for doing good works as a public Christian

– Hindus believe that there are many ways to achieve union with God
– they are all equal, you can follow the path you like to be united with God
– we Hindus are very very inclusive, every other path is a right path to God

– the right to freedom of religion does not allow you to say that Christianity is correct
– Jesus did not say that you go and condemn people of other religions

– but I convert people by my love and self-sacrifice, not through coercion

– it’s ok to be a Christian if you keep it to yourself and don’t tell anyone else that their religion is wrong

– are you trying to force your view of religion on me? in public?

– to say that my religion is false is to breach my human right to exist
– it’s coercive to offer people food and then try to evangelize them

– how do you define secularism?

– living as though this life were all there is, that religious meanings don’t matter in public life

– Hindus have no problem with that view, it’s in the Vedas

– India is becoming secular as it grows into part of the global economy
– secularism has the goal of being happy in this life without any accountability to God

– in opposition to secularism, all faiths should unite on the Hindu concept of the impersonal divine

– the solution to secularism is found by a personal encounter with God

– I became a Hindu as a result of performing Hindu rituals as I grew up in a Hindu background

– a person’s decision to become a Christian is a result of their own inquiry and free decision

– the purpose of Hinduism is to make people happy and to achieve achieve world peace
– Hindus believe that God is indescribable and unknowable (pantheism)
– everyone has to choose the Incarnation they like to make themselves happy (polytheism)
– Christianity is one incarnation of the Hindu doctrine of impersonal divine (pantheism)
– so all religions are valid because everyone chooses the incarnation they like, we have billions and billions to choose from
– that’s how we will get world peace, by having everyone agree with my view of religion (pantheism and polytheism)
– isn’t it terrible that Christians can tell Hindus that they will go to Hell without Christ
– Jesus said himself that it’s wrong to judge others, although I’m judging you right now!

– well we should certainly try to be gentle and respectful

– you can’t say that I am wrong about my religious views, freedom of speech doesn’t cover that speech
– everything that is in the Bible is in the Hindu Scriptures, and the Hindu Scriptures has even more
– anything in the Bible that contradicts Hinduism was invented much later by deluded people
– the Bible doesn’t teach that Jesus is the only true path to God, if you throw out the non-Hindu parts

– i was once a Jain but now I’m a Christian, and Christianity makes my life meaningful

– a person can be a Christian, so long as they accept that Christianity is actually Hinduism

– actually, Christians believe that people are sinful and that Jesus’ death atones for that sin

– oh Hindus don’t believe that!
– in the Bible, the jews are trying to stone Jesus, and Jesus says that they are all Gods (this is not in the Bible unless he means what Satan says)
– that’s consistent with Hinduism

– am I allowed to say that I disagree with your beliefs?
– the discovery that washing hands reduces deaths during child birth was ridiculed, but it’s true
– my understanding of Christ is different from what Hindus believe about Christ
– these questions are matters of life and death
– if my research is correct, then this world is in a terrible state without Christ
– because I love other people, I need to do what I can to share Christ with others
– I need to be able to discuss and disagree about it in public

– well, you can’t say that my religion is false – that’s going too far, but I can say your religion is false

– i’m not saying that I am better than you, just that my view is true, based on the evidence

– no you don’t have the truth, that is just your personal preference FOR YOU
– i have a personal preference, and my personal preference is true FOR ME
– you can’t say that you have the truth to me, and laws should prevent you from saying that

– Jesus said nothing contrary to Hinduism
– it’s only much much later that people added Christian doctrines to the Bible
– everything Jesus taught is consistent with Hinduism, even if the Bible doesn’t say that

21 thoughts on “MUST-LISTEN: Hindu/Christian debate on anti-conversion law in India”

  1. I have not met anyone who thinks that laws should prevent someone from telling you what their religion is. Most people who support anti-conversion laws oppose forced conversions using lies, deception, bribes, threats, and misrepresentation.


    1. Did you listen to the debate? The entire debate is about whether India should pass anti-conversion laws to remove the rights of free speech and freedom of religious expression from Christians living in India. Non-Christians need to get better at debating Christians. Using the law to silence Christians doesn’t prove anything. In fact, when a person resorts to the law, it makes me think that they don’t have any arguments or evidence to use.

      My list of arguments is here.


      1. Hi Wintery,

        I think India should pass anti-conversion laws. Christians have speech and freedom of religious expression within their family. But they should not try to do it with other religion. In bhagawadh geetha lord Krishna said : ‘Everyone thinks that they are right. But there can be only one thing which can be absolutely right’. You people think you are right and we hindus think that we are right. However, there can be only one thing which is right. As per my knowledge most of the things shown in Bible is part of Bhagawath Geetha which is believed to be written before Bible. You people still have to cover Vedas to create a new bible and make changes in Christianity and try to dominate the world.


        1. I’m going to ask you again, because I really need to know the answer.

          Are you trying to convert me to Hinduism? Are you saying that Hinduism is true and Christianity is false?

          It’s a yes or no question. Please answer.


        2. I’m going to ask you again, because I really need to know the answer.

          Are you trying to convert me to Hinduism? Are you saying that Hinduism is true and Christianity is false?

          It’s a yes or no question. Please answer.


    2. Hi Chris,

      Why you people think that you are great?

      As all know strongest will survive. Because of money and power christians are converting poor people. This is wrong. Getting birth in hindu or muslim family is the decision of god. Lets not try someone to convert. Banning is something which can stop you crazy people who go on telling xerox story of christ. Hindus are still great and accepted that christ is one of the avatar of god. Though it is not. For you people Ramayan, Maha Bharath, Vedas, Ayurveda, Yoga are false (some of the christians still beleive in black magic and hindu traditions). Open your eyes and try see the significance


      1. I know this is an old old post but I still want to comment. Here is one thing that happens quite often and it not mentioned:

        In India, a lot of times, people are dying in dire poverty or with disease, malnourishment, etc… And no one in India is willing to lift a finger to help the person. Not even a pinky.

        So the Christian sees this person and out of compassion feeds them, gives them medication and such. The person is overwhelmed by the Christians compassion and naturally asks what compels them to take care of them like this. The Christian tells the truth that its Christ’s love that compels them. The person then naturally wants to know more about Jesus and so asks. The end result is that the person makes a decision to become a Christians.

        So it has nothing to do with being enticement or using force to compel a conversion. Its really is about the fact that Christians excel in mercy! Christianity hovers around ~2.7% in India and that number has not changed much for decades. However Christians run the vast majority of the Orphanages in India.

        ~ Raj
        “But since you excel in everything–in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in the love we have kindled in you –see that you also excel in this grace of giving.” ~2 Cor. 8:7


        1. My understanding is that Hinduism says that people are reincarnated to wealth or poverty based on their karma from past lives, so whatever people have they deserve it. That’s why they have a caste system and they don’t help others. They don’t have the same command to care for the poor that Christians do, and they resent having the contrast made clear by Christians who share and care. Half my family is Hindu, by the way, so I know what I am talking about.


          1. WK – Yes. What you say is also true. The caste system is found in the Bhagvad Gita and the Laws of Manu have a lot to say about this. There are issues also with Gandhi views of the Caste system also. I just wanted to highlight some stuff that a lot of the pro-anti-conversion law people leave out.

            The India that we have today is very very VERY sanitized compared to the India of yester-century. The reason why India got cleaned is because the missionaries came and protested child marriage(brought by the Mughals btw (Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha example)), infanticide, sati, the live burial of widows, hook swinging (don’t ask!), the live burial of lepers, and so on and on… It really was crazy back then.

            ~ Raj
            P.S. Yes. My ancestry is Hindu and many relatives are.


  2. Guys, all religions teach the same things. Its how each religion is interpreted that makes it different. If you follow any religion persistently, it will lead you to a peaceful and happy life.
    Based on the debate I read above, I have a few comments:
    – When you donate something (your service or money), don’t expect anything back (I refer to attempts to convert; have been happening since centuries but do we really need this! in a world like todays? We have bigger problems and need to work together on them).

    -If one feels happy following Christian rituals, he may follow Christianity; if he feels happy following Hindu rituals, he is good to a Hindu. It all depends on what makes sense to the person. Enforcing or luring someone to another religion is wrong (of course its not unlawful, but breaking someone’s heart is also not unlawful but you would prevent yourself from doing that right?). It should be a personal choice. And no one should oppose a conversion made by personal choice.
    – To say that someone’s God or method of worship is false or not real is absolute rubbish according to me. This statement defies the concept of faith and belief which is important for all religions. To believe in one’s God and rituals/commandments very faithfully is the best you can serve his/her religion. In a secular India, tolerance is important. If one says that other’s God or religion is false, he/she is not tolerating the other’s beliefs. And its immoral. Such things lead to religious conflicts. I have faced statements like ‘Idol worship is devilish’ and ‘Jesus is the only God’. Where is the tolerance? I believe in Jesus and so in my religion which is Hinduism. Some Hindu extremists may also have said that Christianity is false, and, if so, that would be a rubbish statement. To extremists: come on guys, if everyone talks bad about other’s religion, this world would be a more terrible place to live. Thank God that its not the case and lets keep it that way.

    Why convert when a human being’s main aim is to be happy? Every religion has scriptures that tell how to become happy and attain heaven/liberation. If you don’t know what how to read these scriptures, just go to your Priest/Guru/Monk/etc. and ask him, you will know already.

    – Everyone loves his/her religion. They would not want to hear anything bad about it. This is similar to how one would feel if something is said bad about his/her name, parents or spouse. So, please exercise tolerance and do not speak bad about other’s religion. Loving others means accepting others for what they are.

    Millions of Hindus lead a happy life and millions of Christians do too. Many buddists, jewish and muslims do as well. So, the fact about religion is not which religion you follow but how you follow your religion.


    1. Thanks for your comment. It was magnificent. We disgree, but you really explained the Hindu view quite well.

      Our view as Christians is that the purpose of religion is not to live a happy life and to be “good”. Our view is that we want to believe what is true and to know God as God really is. We believe that God is a person, with a real personality – likes and dislikes.

      What you’re proposing is a Hindu approach to religion, except with Christian symbols and rituals. But Christians don’t care about symbols and rituals much. We are more interested in history, science and propositional logic. We treat religion like… any other area of knowledge. First we discover the truth, then we act on it.

      Additionally, you have a Hindu approach to conversion, and you are trying to force that on Christians. You can keep your Hindu approach to yourself, and tolerate the fact that we have a different approach to conversion. Stop trying to force your views on us. You’re a Hindu. We don’t believe what you believe. We don’t subscribe to your views – we’re not Hindus, and we don’t act like Hindus. I am willing to become a Hindu, and act like a Hindu, but I would ned to be convinced using rational arguments and evidence that it is true.

      You’re not in a position to know what Christianity teaches, or what Jesus believes, since you haven’t looked into these things at all. You know Hinduism. And you are projecting Hinduism onto other religions. But Hinduism is totally different than Christianity. They conflict in many areas, like cosmology and history. We believe that the universe had a beginning, you think it’s eternal. And science can arbitrate that claim. We are willing to change our beliefs to be in line with what we can test in the external world, using the laws of logic, and the study of science and history.

      Jesus gets to decide what Jesus is like. Christians writings in the Bible get to decide what Christianity is like.

      Hindu Scriptures (e.g. Vedas, the Gita, etc.) get to decide what Hinduism is like.

      You write “To say that someone’s God or method of worship is false or not real is absolute rubbish according to me.”, yet you think that Christianity is false, and not real. But I am actually not offended by that at all. You are welcoming to think I am wrong. I don’t mind, this is the way that the game plays. Only one of us can be right, and if you were right, I would have to switch over to your view and that would be fine with me.

      You write “Everyone loves his/her religion. They would not want to hear anything bad about it.” No that’s your view. You identify Hindusim with India and patriotism and your people and culture. I don’t identify Christianity with anything except truth. I like it because it’s true. And that the only reason I like it. If it were false, I would dump it immediately, and quite happily too, since I don’t like anything that constrains my actions. I don’t do Christianity because it’s fun. I do it because that’s the way the world is, regardless of how I feel.

      When I say that Hinduism is false, I am not “talking bad about your religion” any more than I am talking bad about the view that 2 + 2 = 5, when I say that 2 + 2 = 4. It’s not talking bad about an idea to say it is false. It’s just saying that the idea is false. No harm is intended. It is only because you identify an idea (Hinduism) with your people, country and culture, that you take it personally. I don’t take disagreement with Christianity personally.

      Not trying to be mean. I am ethnically part Indian, and look 100% Indian. Indian food is the greatest food in the world, in my opinion. By far.

      And some of the statements you heard from other were very insensitive. I would not make statements like that to you. But I would disagree with you about what is true. I am only interested in testing religions to see which is true, not calling people names.


  3. Ok Wintery, since you believe in science and history and propositional logic, explain me this:

    Do you believe that people who worship idols are devilish or all religions except Christianity are false? If yes then explain me with proper scientific reasoning and provide me a proof in the recent decades that logically explains the above two statements. You need to prove me that what you believe is experimented by scientists and proven by technology. In today’s world, we can believe in what we think but to openly claim something, you need to patent or copyright it.

    Go ahead and patent your scientifically proven beliefs and then we can speak about it. Or give me the patent number “Idol worship is devilish – patented by Christianity”. I too believe in science dude! If you believe that Christianity is the only truth and that all others are false on your scientific calculations and propositional logics, go ahead and patent your calculations, then you can show the world that its proven and then come and tell everyone that its the final truth.

    I believe in all Gods no matter what religion because God is One. For me and this generation of educated Indians, we believe in tolerance and respect for all religions. We believe in co-operating with each other and not pointing flaws in others beliefs until its proven scientifically and attested by scientific authority. And we believe that people’s belief be respected!


    1. Thanks for your comment. Please try to tone down the insults, if you can.

      The current best theory of the origin of the universe is called the big bang theory. It states that all the matter, energy, as well as time and space and time, came into being from nothing. It is backed by experimental data from red-shift measurements, cosmic microwave background radiation measurements, and light element abundance measurements, etc. The theory states that the universe began 14.7 billion years ago. Additionally, the universe will not recollapse because measurements of mass density from Maxima and Boomerang show that the universe will expand forever.

      The big 3 monotheistic religions agree with the universe coming into being from nothing. Unfortunately, other religions think that the universe is eternal, such as Mormonism and Hinduism. On that basis, I reject Hinduism, which requires that the universe be eternal.

      “I believe in all Gods no matter what religion because God is One.” That view (pantheism/polytheism) is called Hinduism. You are a Hindu. Christianity (monotheism) is mutually exclusive with Hinduism, because the teachings are in conflict, (as with the example of cosmology). As a Hindu, you therefore think that Christianity is false. On your definition, you don’t “tolerate” Christianity – you think it’s false. You don’t “respect” Christianity, because you want to force your view (Hinduism) and your view of conversion (don’t tell other people their religion is false) on Christians.

      I suspect that you don’t know anything about Christian claims. If I asked you to explain Christianity, I suspect that you would not be able to do it. Probably, you would instead describe Hinduism, and then claim that Christianity was Hinduism. You are not able to identify specific elements of the Christian worldview. Let me just state that Christianity and Hinduism are in conflict in terms of the claims they make about the objective world. For example, the origin of the universe, and also what happens to people after death. The claims of the two religions conflict, and the only way to know which is right is to test where they make claims about the real world, such as the origin of the universe, where science can tell us the facts.

      Note: I am ok with you saying that I am wrong and that Christianity is false. It doesn’t bother me, I am used to debates, arguments and evidence. And I am sure I don’t need to remind you of how tolerant and peaceful some Hindus were to Christians in Orissa, recently.


  4. Wintery, sorry if my words sounded insulting.

    Firstly, you have not provided me a patent number that reads “Christianity is the only truth and OTHERS ARE FALSE” or “Idol worship is devilish”. You said you had scientific reasoning and that you first find the truth and then believe it. Once you have such a patent, you can propagate this patent to everyone. I will surely believe you if that happens. Until that I don’t think anyone should be forced to think that their religion is not sufficient in itself unless ofcourse they personally experience something in their life that motivates them to change religion.

    Secondly, About Big Bang, read the below link which describes a similar interpretation in Bhagwad Gita.

    It’s all about how one interprets his/her religious scriptures.

    Thirdly, I do attend masses sometimes and I have many Christian friends. I have volunteered in memorial service and am a member for YMCA. But all this is selfless service with only the perspective of doing good in this world and not converting anyone to my religion. The same questions apply to you, have you attended any Hindu sessions and tried to understand what the Gurus say? Try it if you have not and lets have better understanding of each others religions, not to get influenced by it but to learn and understand better.

    Lastly, Matthew 7:120 reads:
    “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”
    As per this command in Bible, you should not insult my religious rituals by telling they are false because I am not insulting and will not insult any of Christian rituals in anyway. I respect your religion and demand to be treated in the same way irrespective of the differences. Wouldn’t it be a sin requiring repent for a Christian to disobey the above command from Bible? In fact, I praise the Bible for giving such a good command to the world so you may praise Bhagwad Gita too by finding something good. :)


    1. Thanks again for your comment.

      I’m pretty satisfied with what I’ve already said. I explain in my explanation of why I am a Christian that half my family is Hindu, and the other half Muslim. But I should say in my defense that I didn’t do any insulting of anyone’s rituals. I am only interested in claims about the external world made by religions, and seeing which are true and which are false. You can say that Christian beliefs are false, if you want, and you do think our beliefs are false. I don’t mind that you disagree with me!

      When I disagree with someone about truth in religion, or in any other area of knowledge, I don’t consider myself to be insulting them just because I say they are wrong and that I am right. And I am not insulted because you think I am wrong, and that you are right. It’s no problem to me! What matters is who has the better arguments and evidence.

      So, I think we’ve gone as far as we can with this discussion. Thanks for commenting.


  5. Dear Wintery,
    I agree you do not mean harm. But a person’s God, religion and scriptures are very sacred to his heart and mind. Nobody would like something wrong said about his/her religion or about things in his/her scriptures unless its unlawful in anyway.
    My issue under debate, addressed in my earlier post, was why convert someone to any other religion by pointing flaws in his/her religion that are not proven well enough. I also believe in many things as a Hindu but I don’t tell someone to convert to Hinduism because these beliefs are not present in his/her religion. For me to believe that I can win an F1 Race is fine, but to demonstrate to the world about is as a truth, I need to prove that I won the 1st prize from F1 organisers. Lets prove it before we propagate that Christ is the only true God (which will imply other Gods are not true). I hope you understand my perspective now. If you have experienced God in a way which made you convert to Christianity, you are a blessed one. Many Hindus also experience these blessings from their deities.

    – Take care and God bless.


  6. Bhupesh:You give me the impression that you have given these issues some serious thought. May I conclude that you are interested in exploring the truth of things.I believe you are, as you believe Hinduism is true.As a christian, I don’t just accept what my faith tells me,rather, I investigate for myself in order to determine what is true.For instance, I believe in the physical resurrection of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The reason I believe this is not because it makes me feel happy or good but because the historical evidence forces me to do so.Now, if you can give me one example of another person who predicted His own death and resurrection that was not only witnessed by hundreds of other people but attested to by the still empty tomb,I will concede that Christianity is not unique. As well, Hindus describe Jesus as an avatar or enlightened one. It seems to me Hindus should listen to what an avatar or enlightened one has to say and believe and follow it. When Jesus says” I am the way,the truth, and the light No one comes to the Father except by me” He doesn’t seem to be leaving much room for doubt. Now, as he is an avatar, should you not believe what Jesus says? This is an exclusive claim of Christianity. All other religions are based on trying to work your way to heaven( whatever your definition of that may be) while only Christianity says it doesn’t matter what we do, we can never be good enough for a totally holy God.Only by accepting Christ’s sacrifice on the cross( remember he’s an avatar and should be heeded)can we be reconciled to God.The bible tells us that it is given to man once to die and then the judgement. Yet, Hinduism believes in reincarnation and multiple attempts to become better. They can’t both be right. In fact, there is not a shred of evidence to support reincarnation ,and, many questions which logically refute it. For instance, if the purpose of being reborn is to wipe out our karma( correct me if I am wrong) why were you born in the first place as your soul would never have done anything wrong before you were born to atone for? There is not a single universally accepted clinical case in support of reincarnation. I could go on, but I think you get the point. The important thing is to investigate these claims for yourself and decide what is true and what is false.That’s what I did.I believe that anyone with an open mind( but not so open that his brains fall out!)will find the evidence for Christianity to be compelling. May it be so for you to the glory of our God in heaven. God Bless!


  7. Hi Wintery:
    Religious Pluralism in any way you put it is pure Relativism and Subjectivism. If anyone wants to preach their Religion and or Worldview it should be alowed. First of all by virtue of Rationality all paths cannot take you to God. If God does exist! Now if you have different Religions for example Hinduism and Christianity are both teach the existence of God and the way to God different. Now they cannot be both true. At least on has to be untrue. Christianity teached the Christ is the only way. Christ Himself excluded any other way to God except himself. So by definition one has to be wrong. Now if Hinduism thinks they have the proof and accuracy for their Religion they shouldn’t be afraid of anyone preaching any other Religious Belief. The evidence will speak for itself. To have Religious Pluralism in Religions that teach contradictory ways of Salvation or Brahman or anything. Again I repeat they all cannot be true. They can all be Untrue but not the opposite. I am not afraid to have any other Religions preach because I know where the evidence is. I know who the only true God is!! YHWH. If Hinduisms is true then they shouldn’t be afraid to have Christians preach and teach the God of the Bible. If Hinduism is true? What are you afraid of? There should allow the preaching of Christianity!! And not be afraid.


  8. Just came upon this discussion and listenend to the mp3. I am a Christian and in my readings on Hinduism I believe they speak out of both sides of their mouth trying to be all inclusive. Countless times I’ve read in Hinduism Today magazine and other places “Truth is One, Paths are Many”, but I believe Hindus don’t believe this without any qualifiers. It really is “Truth is One, Paths are Many, but Hindusim is defintely better and we have the truth”.

    Bhupesh wrote: “As per this command in Bible, you should not insult my religious rituals by telling they are false because I am not insulting and will not insult any of Christian rituals in anyway.”


    Anil said: When Christians say to a Hindu that what they believe is false, this is what he doesn’t like.

    In the discussion with Anil & Sunil and others statements were made such as:

    * Jesus is not God, but the Son of God (from Hindu Jagdish)
    – Christians definitely disagree with this. This is insulting to a Christian.

    * It would be okay to put Jesus as another diety in the Hindu temple” (from Hindu Anil)
    – Christians would not agree with this. Jesus is not just one of many avatars, incarnations, etc.

    * To say the only way is through Jesus is an ideology (from Hindu Anil)
    – Christians don’t believe this is an ideology. Jesus Himself said this.

    * We merge with God at Moksha” (from Hindu Anil)
    – Christians do not believe we merge with God when we die, and don’t believe in karma and reincarnation

    * Jesus aid to others when they were stoning that ‘you are gods’ (from Hindu Anil)
    – This is a misunderstanding of what Jesus said and what Christians believe. Jesus was not saying they were gods as Hindus would interpret it. Anil is basically saying that Christians don’t know how to read/interpret their holy scriptures, but Hindus do! THis is insulting.

    * Jesus said nothing contrary to Hindu teaching, but is due to men creating these false ideologies (from Hindu Anil).
    – Christians don’t believe this. This is insulting to a Christian.

    From the above statements made by Hindus on the program these are insulting to Christians. It’s okay for them to implicitly imply that Chritianity is wrong. They may not use the words “your religion is wrong”, but they are saying the same thing. It is hypocritical. At least be honest and upfront about it.

    For a Christian to share their faith and “evangelize” with Hindus and people of other religions we have to state what our religion/faith believes. I believe Hindus would agree otherwise there is no meaningful dialogue. This forces one to identify differences of believe that contradict someone elses beliefs if they exist(as the Hindus on the program themselves pointed out and implied Christians were in error about).

    Also, why did the Hindu America Foundation join a lawsuit against the Ten Commandments display/monument in front of the courthouse in Austin, Texas to have it removed if “Truth is one, paths are many”? Would it be okay for a Christian or Muslim to initate a lawsuit in India to do the same thing? This is not tolerance, but intolerance and double speak.


  9. Hello my all friends

    Yes, I am Hindu but I am belive in God is One. I am agree with the views by Bhupesh.

    We should have to change our heart (mann) and follow to the religion properly and I belive you have got salvation definitely. I dont need hell but i also dont need the heave my mean i dont like “HELL OR HEAVEN” because these places are also temporarely I need only salavation & not come again in this earth by the grace of God.

    I belive God is One and they sent lot of sons/gurus/devi-devtas who teach us the right way of salavation.
    So, my personal request to do pray and pray every time and praise the lord in which you believe & make a human first and follow the good things.


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