MUST-READ: The Western Experience debunks the doomsday predictions of the left

I just got an e-mail this week from someone I know who voted for Obama. He was worried about the bogeyman peak oil. Where does the left get all these crazy views? I actually think that atheism causes people on the left to be afraid of the unpredictable future. They imagine insane doomsday scenarios and they become very frightened. They then try to make the world predictable by imposing totalitarianism, to control consumption of scarce resources.

It’s the secular equivalent of “Left Behind” fiction, only they actually believe it. It’s their religion.

But the thing is, it’s all false.

Take a look at this post by Jason over at The Western Experience.

Here’s the summary:

  • Who was Thomas Malthus?
  • What did he predict?
  • Why did his predictions fail?
  • Who was Paul Ehrlich?
  • What did he predict?
  • Why did his predictions fail?
  • Some more insane predictions of the left

You might want to read his short, informative post. (It’s a perfect post) And then remember, this is the worldview of the left. They believe this, right up to Obama’s mad science czar.

Previous stories about Obama’s science czar:

The fact that their predictions are always wrong doesn’t stop them from acting crazily.

3 thoughts on “MUST-READ: The Western Experience debunks the doomsday predictions of the left”

  1. You should do a full post on materialist Armageddon(s)–you’d have a delicious buffet to choose from:

    *Comet/Asteroid Strikes
    *Pesticides, fertilizer, GM crops, steroids, vitamin-enriched food, etc. are all going to kill us…any second now…wait for it…
    *Global Cooling
    *Peak Oil

    And those are just to start!

    None of them are any better than any of the countless religious cults down through the ages that predicted the end of the world (any second now…wait for it…) and the reason for that is that all of these things require the fervor of the true believer, one who does not think for himself and, instead, chooses to believe whatever his/her chosen prophet(s) says is the Truth, despite a complete absence of actual, empirical, fact supporting any of them, my favorite being that the deadlines for all these various disasters come and go with the frequency of a pop star’s career.

    (But that’s OK: the prophets–like Erlich–just move the hands on the doomsday clock back a decade or two and–voila!–a whole new generation of suckers lines up for the bilking, and the old hands, despite having been burned innumerable times, keep right on believing–can I get a Hallelujah!.)


  2. The world has always been on the verge of “the end”. Why do we have to endure the endless end of the world? Back in the 1950’s it was the hysteria of bomb shelters. Back in the 1960’s we were killing the world with too many people. Back in the 1970’s we were killing the world with pollution and the ozone hole. Back in the 1980’s we were killing the world by farming and keeping animals. Back in the 1990’s we were cooking the world too hot! We need a new doomsday reason! It’s a race between tobacco and soda pop.


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