Why do Democrats cut the funding of missile defense programs?

Article from the Heritage Foundation.


President Obama, in his FY2010 defense budget, proposed a $1.2 billion cut to missile defense funding and halted development on our long-range interceptors in Alaska and California.

…Rep. Trent Franks offered an amendment to restore the $1.2 billion cut from missile defense by President Obama. The Democrats argued that this cut was reasonable, but in the face of Iranian and North Korean activities, any significant cut to missile defense funding seems foolish. In the last two months, we have seen Iran test its long-range missile capabilities (under the guise of a space launch) and North Korea test a nuclear weapon and launch (unsuccessfully) a long-range Taepo-Dong II missile. The North Koreans now appear to be preparing to launch yet another Taepo-Dong II. In the face of all of these activities, the Democrat majority on the Armed Services Committee voted down the Franks amendment to restore missile defense funding by a vote of 36-26. This amendment was then voted on by the full House of Representatives and again defeated along largely party lines.

There were a number of other amendments related to missile defense that we discussed, including Republican efforts to fund the European Site and the Airborne Laser, but they were all shot down by the Democrats. For the sake of our nation’s security, we should be focused on shooting down enemy missiles, not on shooting down our own missile defense system. As North Korea and Iran push forward, every member of the House of Representatives has taken a stand on missile defense. Unfortunately, it seems that the position of the Democratic majority is clear: shoot down missile defense.

The Heritage Foundation post I cited is a guest post by Congressman Todd Akin of Missouri.

One thought on “Why do Democrats cut the funding of missile defense programs?”

  1. I’ve found an interesting post at the heritage foundation:

    it gives some great stats on effects of a nuclear strike on the US, the number of interceptors we have on land (Alaska and Cali right now) and those on the various Navy ships.

    Since I have mixed opinions and haven’t fully formed an opinion yet, I thought it would be nice to share the above link – it’s a very interesting read!

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