Audio debate: Muslim and Christian converts debate their former religions

This is one heck of a good debate. I really liked the Christian guy, who is a former Muslim from Pakistan. He speaks as though he had a lot of experience debating this topic, and he is a medical doctor, too. I like it when people have the calm, experienced tone that comes from having had lots of debates and being very confident about what you believe. If only we Christians all sounded like Nabeel.

Description of the debate:

Unbelievable? 11 Jul 2009 – Islamic & Christian converts debate – 11 July 2009

Nabeel Qureshi converted to Christianity from Islam after being convinced that the weight of evidence was in favour of Christian faith.
Yahya Seymour’s story is the opposite – he became a Muslim after having a Christian upbringing.

They discuss the issues in advance of debates coming up in London.

For more information on the debates from Sun 12 Jul 09 to Sat 18 Jul 09.
See or

The MP3 file is here.

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