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Democrat governor sexually harassed multiple women, covered it up, retaliated

Should women be allowed to have jobs without being sexually assaulted or raped by male bosses? Democrat voters seem to think that it’s fine for male supervisors to sexually harass, sexually assault, and even rape their female subordinates – judging from their voting. This has been a problem as far back as Bill Clinton, but it just keeps happening over and over. Now it’s New York’s governor.

Daily Wire reports:

A New York Attorney General report released Tuesday chronicles complaints against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo from 11 women including a sheriff’s deputy who served on Cuomo’s own security detail.

The AG’s report… found that “Cuomo harassed multiple women, many of whom were young women, by engaging in unwanted groping, kisses, hugging, and by making inappropriate comments,” according to Attorney General Leticia James. The behavior showed a “pattern,” the investigators said, they “found all 11 women to be credible.”

[…]Most of the accusers chose to remain anonymous but the nine individuals employed by the State of New York are identified by their position within the administration, including one “executive assistant” who accused Cuomo of “aggressive” groping.

That portion of the report verifies a claim made to the Albany Times-Union back in March.

[…]“The direct contact with intimate body parts—including the touching of Executive Assistant #1’s breast, the grabbing and touching of the butts of various women…—unquestionably amounted to sexual harassment,” the Attorney General’s report noted.

A state trooper assigned to Cuomo’s detail described being asked by the governor to help him find a new girlfriend who “can handle pain.”

[…]The trooper also reported that Cuomo touched her inappropriately.

The accusers were silenced:

The women who complained also said that Cuomo’s workplace “culture” fostered the governor’s behavior and ultimately silenced his accusers.

“The complainants also described how the culture within the Executive Chamber—rife with fear and intimidation and accompanied by a consistent overlooking of inappropriate flirtations and other sexually suggestive and gender-based comments by the Governor—enabled the above-described instances of harassment to occur and created a hostile work environment overall,” the report said.

What would happen if I asked a young, unmarried Democrat voter in New York to explain her support for Cuomo? I guess she would say “rape is OK if it’s a rapist who supports abortion rights”, or something. I don’t really understand how Democrat voters reason, or if they reason. Here, we have credible accusations from many women who were willing to come forward, but it doesn’t mean anything (apparently) to young female Democrats.

Cuomo also retaliated against one of the women, and used his power to cover up the scandal.

The New York Post reports:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his team tried to cover up the sex-harassment allegations against him by ignoring reporting procedures — while he personally plotted to “discredit and disparage” an accuser, probers said Tuesday.

[…]The trio of aides had screened Bennett’s initial complaint, which was that Cuomo’s flirtatious behavior toward her made her uncomfortable — and that he was “grooming” her for sex, the document said. The staffers then had her transferred to another position, where she would no longer have to interact with the governor.

[…]Meanwhile Cuomo himself was involved in the dirty work of a smear campaign against Lindsey Boylan, a former top aide in the state’s Economic Development Office, according to the official report.

“Governor Cuomo, himself, and the Executive Chamber engaged in ‘retaliatory behavior’ by ‘intend[ing] to discredit and disparage’ a former employee that came forward with her story of harassment,” the report said.

Earlier this year, Boylan, 37, published an online essay in which she accused Cuomo, 63, of repeatedly harassing her, leading to a flood of similar allegations from current and former aides. She previously tweeted that Cuomo sexually harassed her.

Cover-up and retaliation.

When Bill Clinton was accused of rape and sexual assault by female subordinates, a female journalist famous said that she didn’t care, and would happily give him oral sex if he would keep abortion legal. I guess she speaks for all young, unmarried Democrat women voters. Maybe they actually find men like this attractive? They certainly keep voting for these men.

11 thoughts on “Democrat governor sexually harassed multiple women, covered it up, retaliated”

  1. Their love for being able to kill their children to avoid the consequences of their behavior knows no bounds. They will abandon everything else they say they care about.

    How could any guy – Christian or not – consider marrying a pro-abortion woman? She’s told you that she’s willing to kill her child – and yours! Such sociopaths. Nothing else they do should surprise you.

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    1. Men are definitely less cute than babies. If she’s willing to kill a baby to keep the good times rolling, what can her future husband expect from her? Being pro-abortion is a HUGE red flag for marriage-minded men.

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  2. I can sort of help you with this a little bit: what the Dimms say, being moral relativists, is that if even one GOP engages in this kind of behavior, then “See?!? Everybody does it. So, I vote on other issues.”

    It’s also the reason that a lot of atheists reject Christianity: if they can find one Christian living in pure hypocrisy, they reject the whole ball of wax by saying “See?!? Everybody is the same. So, there’s nothing of distinction in Christianity and no point in becoming one.” In this case, they would point to Ravi, and all they need is one. They can point to Catholic priests too.

    That is truly how they think. I was raised by these sorts of people. That’s why Eternity Matters speaks the truth above about abortion being their overriding idolatry – although LGBTQP+ is getting awfully close.

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  3. Isn’t it funny how when men like Brett Kavanaugh are accused of this, they are deemed guilty immediately and called on to resign, even after the evidence exonerated them. When leftists do it, the same vicious Me Too defenders never seem to care.

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