Democrat-appointed 9th Circuit CA judges rule in favor of ban on churches

Is Barack Obama focused on protecting the American people?
Can you count on Obama-appointed judges to protect your human rights?

Although Trump has said that churches are essential, and so they are allowed to open, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the Bill of Rights is null and void in states run by Democrat governors.

Daily Wire reports:

A California church has appealed to the Supreme Court for relief from Gov. Gavin Newsom’s lockdown order.

South Bay United Pentecostal Church and Bishop Arthur Hodges appealed a lawsuit against Newsom to the High Court on Sunday after a panel on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals shot down the church’s request, according to Politico.

The 9th Circuit ruled 2-1 against the church on Friday, with the majority arguing that the pandemic emergency warranted that the courts step back from determining whether the civil rights of certain groups were being violated by Newsom’s lockdown order.

Yes, who cares about civil rights when a Democrat atheist is in charge?

Trump’s Department of Justice is on the case:

The court’s decision came down the same day the Trump administration told governors to deem churches and other houses of worship essential. While President Trump does not have the authority to deem religious services essential across the U.S., his Justice Department can back lawsuits brought by religious institutions against states’ lockdown orders.

On Tuesday, the DOJ sent a letter to Newsom warning that his lockdown order and strategy for reopening discriminated against houses of worship. DOJ assistant attorney general Eric Dreiband said that Newsom’s lockdown arbitrarily allows some businesses to stay open “regardless of whether the product they are selling and shipping are life-preserving products or not.” Dreiband also pointed out that while a variety of stores and offices are allowed to open in Phase 2 of Newsom’s reopening plan, religious services are banned until Phase 3.

Just to be clear, the two judges who wrote the majority are (of course) appointees of two atheist Democrats presidents:

The ruling came from Judges Jacqueline Nguyen and Barry Silverman, Nguyen is an Obama appointee and Silverman, a Clinton appointee. The 9th Circuit has a longstanding terrible reputation, but this is a new low.

[…]The Democrat judges did not address the fact that Newsom is discriminating against religious observance. Trump’s appointee did:

Collins noted that the orders allow many workplaces to open, but ban religious gatherings even when they could meet the social distancing standards imposed on other activities that are now permitted.

“By explicitly and categorically assigning all in-person ‘religious services’ to a future Phase 3 — without any express regard to the number of attendees, the size of the space, or the safety protocols followed in such services — the State’s Reopening Plan undeniably ‘discriminate[s] on its face’ against ‘religious conduct,’” the judge said.

Atheist dogma is that the universe is an accident, and human beings evolved through an accidental process of random mutations and natural selection. There are no human rights in the atheist worldview, because there is no Creator there to rationally ground those rights. So of course atheists will disregard those rights when they get into power. This is why Christians need to be involved in elections. Your freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion, etc. DO NOT EXIST in the worldview of secular leftists. And that’s how they are going to rule when they get into power.

6 thoughts on “Democrat-appointed 9th Circuit CA judges rule in favor of ban on churches”

    1. Because many don’t pay attention to church history.

      If the church is being persecuted then we are to choose following Christ over the state.

      But too many are Christian in term only.

      I don’t want to lose rights but a part of me would love to see the chaff exposed and removed as being obviously fake so we could meet with actual Christians that love God. And not the people that attend a social club


        1. Canada’s rights are totally written by a leftist. It was Pierre Elliot trudeau that pushed through a rights and freedoms for Canada in the 80s.

          Rights are not permanent and can be taken by the gov’t if needed. Much like hate speech is anything the gov’t doesn’t like


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