How would the Democrats’ “Equality Act” affect Christians and conservatives?

21 states have SOGI anti-discrimination laws
21 states have SOGI anti-discrimination laws

I’m following this Equality Act legislation as it moves through the House of Representatives. The bill would prohibit individuals and businesses from discriminating by sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI). These SOGI laws already exist at the state level, in places where Christians are being sued and coerced to affirm and celebrate gay rights.

Here is a good article from The Stream, explaining 7 ways that the law would affect you:

  1. It would penalize Americans who don’t affirm new sexual norms or gender ideology.
  2. It would compel speech.
  3. It could shut down charities.
  4. It would allow more biological males to defeat girls in sports.
  5. It could be used to coerce medical professionals.
  6. It could lead to more parents losing custody of their children.
  7. It would enable sexual assault.

Let’s take a quick look at some examples of these changes already in progress.

I’m not covering #1, because everyone knows about the case against the Washington state florist, and the case against the Colorado baker and the case against the New Mexico wedding photographers.

For #2, here’s an example:

Virginia high school teacher Peter Vlaming lost his job for something he did not say.

A county school board voted unanimously to fire the veteran teacher over the objections of his students after he refused to comply with administrators’ orders to use masculine pronouns in referring to a female student who identifies as transgender.

If this goes national, I could get into the same sort of trouble at work for misgendering a co-worker or a customer.

For #3, I’d already heard about how foster parent and adoption agencies in some SOGI anti-discrimination states shut down because they couldn’t place children in traditional-marriage homes.

Here’s a different example:

In Anchorage, Alaska, a biological male born Timothy Paul Coyle goes by the name of Samantha Amanda Coyle. On two occasions, Coyle tried to gain access to the city’s Downtown Soup Kitchen Hope Center, a shelter for homeless, abused, and trafficked women.

In one attempt, authorities said, Coyle was inebriated and had gotten into a fight with a staffer at another shelter, so Hope Center staff paid Coyle’s fare to the emergency room to receive medical attention. Coyle sued the center for “gender identity discrimination.”

If thise goes national, you can expect that any social services organization would be charged with discrimination for any attempt to separate out men from women in bathrooms, showers, sleeping ares, etc.

For #4, we know already that biological males are identifying as women, and now biological women are unable to compete with them to win any prizes.

Here’s an example of #5, where medical professionals can be coerced to perform sex-change surgeries:

Under state sexual orientation and gender identity laws, individuals who identify as transgender have sued Catholic hospitals in California and New Jersey for declining to perform hysterectomies on otherwise healthy women who wanted to pursue gender transition.

For #6, I’ve blogged recently about how Canada allows the government to seize children from parents who disagree with gay rights and transgender transitioning.

But it happens in the USA, too:

In Ohio, a judge removed a biological girl from her parents’ custody after they declined to help her “transition” to male with testosterone supplements.

After the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s Transgender Health Clinic recommended these treatments for the girl’s gender dysphoria, the parents wanted to pursue counseling instead. Then the county’s family services agency charged the parents with abuse and neglect, and the judge terminated their custody.

Similar cases are proceeding through the courts with children as young as 6 years old.

And for number #7, I’ve blogged before about sexual assaults in bathrooms and other places by transgender women (biological men).

Here’s an example:

A complaint under investigation by federal education officials alleges that a boy who identifies as “gender fluid” at Oakhurst Elementary School in Decatur, Georgia, sexually assaulted Pascha Thomas’ 5-year-old daughter in a girls’ restroom. The boy had access to the girls’ restroom because of Decatur City Schools’ transgender restroom policy.

School authorities refused to change the policy even after Thomas reported the assault. Eventually, she decided to remove her daughter from school for the girl’s emotional well-being and physical safety.

As in all the examples mentioned, if the Equality Act became law, like the Democrats want it to, then any of these things could happen to you, if you decline to celebrate or participate in the gay agenda.

Although the Constitution lays out rights, those rights don’t matter to Democrats, your exercise of those rights makes people engaged in LGBT lifestyles feel unhappy. Their unhappy feelings trump your Constitution rights. At least that’s the case if the Democrats pass their bills, and appoint their judges to the courts.

24 thoughts on “How would the Democrats’ “Equality Act” affect Christians and conservatives?”

  1. “If this goes national, I could get into the same sort of trouble at work for misgendering a co-worker or a customer.”

    The majority of Americans haven’t lost their friggin’ minds the way the far-Left has, so even if this lunacy became law, there’d be a tremendous backlash. In fact, I say pass the laws by all means; it would serve as a wakeup call.

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    1. No, the left has a way of dealing with that, which you can see in use in Canada and Europe. They just go after the most kooky fringe person they can find, so when it hits the news, it has two effects. 1) people say “that won’t affect me” and 2) it has a chilling effect on free speech, especially married men with children who don’t have an alias. They don’t go after normal people.

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  2. We’ve lost our freaking minds. The only thing that’s going to stop this is a constitutional ammendment and that’s not going to happen.


    1. Something else. I wonder if the compassion crowd within the church realizes what all this nanny state censorship and coercion communicates to Christian men. What I mean is, marrying a feelings-driven woman and having children who have to grow up in a society of mandatory daycare, mandatory public schools, mandatory leftist university credentialing, etc. doesn’t look like much fun.

      If Christian men are anything like me, then they are constantly running calculations about costs vs benefits, and estimating risks based on trends. There’s a lack seriousness in the church about the leftist threat to conscience and liberty. Finding a wife who is aware of the threats was hard enough. Raising kids in a society run by depraved sex-addicted perverts is even harder.

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      1. I would argue that it’s always been difficult. You have to compare to Ancient Rome to see we still could get much, much worse. If you are expecting the schools and the colleges and the television to support you, it’s not going to happen. It’s unfortunate the church has included itself in that group, in large part, but it’s always been the father’s responsibility to raise his children for God, not anyone else’s. We’ll come out of this eventually, through spiritual revival or persecution, but it will get better.


  3. An implementation of the law is in Canada the liberals made a declaration that all members of their party will support abortion. And no charity in Canada will get government funding without signing a declaration that they support abortion.

    As a mechanism to pull funding from religious organizations because they are moral and don’t want to pretend they agree with abortion. Even though liberals claim. You don’t have to Beleive just say it.

    But people with morals don’t like to be forced into lying to make the government happy. But those in the liberal party don’t see the problem in lying it isn’t a big deal

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    1. I think the problem is that in Canada, they have real problems with diversity of thought. So most people go through university and their careers without ever being exposed to people like Thomas Sowell or William Lane Craig. The decision makers think that those who differ with them on economics or religion or morals are all idiots. That’s what fuels the fascism.


      1. You are absolutely right! I live in Canada and the Liberal government has turned our country into a hateful place to live. We are loosing our rights. Statistics Canada was allowed to gain our credit card transactions, our bank account information and the banks were told to keep it quiet. This is not the Canada I grew up in. They also let known terrorists into our country – we’re not allowed to call them terrorists – we must call them travellers. This government is whacko, and scares me. First time in my life that I am afraid in my own country.


  4. Canadians also like to avoid conflict. So many try to avoid any stepping on others toes.

    But also the parts of Canada that are more right leaning are smaller in population so they get overruled by the decree of the large cities. Those that live in cities seevthe rest of the country as stupid inbred hicks and that their opinion is worthless because they aren’t intelligent like they are


    1. The prime minister of Canada when accused of being a fake feminist in Parliament by the Conservative opposition. Because he bullies his cabinet members and had a few women quit over a scandal on right now in Canada, literally defended himself as being a real feminist becaue he supports a woman’s right to abortion. For a few questions in a row that was his answer.
      And it is an example of how shallow many of the left are in their beliefs. When ideological commitment to abortion not treating women well or having a groping charge against you from years back is the evidence of being a feminist.
      The left believes in ideological belief in the do as a i say not as I do belief.


      1. Greg – On this issue you are right. He thinks he is God’s gift to all creation. To me he does not even rank as mediocre. He does the feminist act to attract women to the liberal government thinking that they are all swooning over him and will do whatever he wants them to. What a phony His politics are do as I say!!! He belittles Canada and our Christianity and traditions. He says we have no core values. Does this sound like something a Prime Minister should say about his own country? I have never voted Liberal in my life. All they do is cause hate, problems and mountains of debt. By the way he thinks Castro was an Icon. He attended Castro’s funeral as his father was “besties” with Castro. Castro was an honourary (English spelling) pall bearer at his father’s funeral.
        I’m afraid this is what Canada is heading for with this jerk. Even liberals here don’t like him anymore. However, a liberal is a liberal, is a liberal.


    2. Greg – you do not know what you are talking about. People here in Canada are quite educated. The problem is with the more educated to-day is that they are pushing socialism in our universities and colleges. Thanks to the Liberals. I am educated but being older I did not grow up under this system. I think for myself as many Canadians do. We also have a lot of immigration here where people are rushed through to become citizens – so they will vote Liberal – of course they will vote Liberal that’s who brought them here. Apparently our Prime Minister is telling immigrants that they have more of a stake in this country than others. Look up the video of him giving this speech on the internet. You can watch this incompetent fool on several occasions giving different versions of this speech but saying the same thing plus more.


  5. The Pink Mafia has control of at least the House of Representatives in my home state (Georgia). The GOP has a majority of 103 to 75 but a good number of the GOP members are from the Atlanta suburbs. Georgia is one of a few (5 I think) states that have no hate crime law at all. Recently the House passed a hate crimes law that covers sexual orientation. However, they refuse to even vote on a Religious Liberty bill. Keep in mind that this isn’t California or New York or Massachusetts but the red state of Georgia.


  6. I don’t think most Christians in the west have no idea how serious this situation is or how it is going to affect them. I have tried to tell them, but they don’t believe me. Ideologies can become laws very quickly. A tipping point is coming soon .


    1. Your President might have too much to say sometimes but you can thank your stars that he is for the U.S.A. and definitely looking out for Americans.

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      1. Everything he says sucks, everything he does is good. Corporate tax cut, record low unemployment, stock market boom, destroyed ISIS in Syria and Iraq, sold anti-tank missiles to Ukraine to defend themselves against Russia, two solid Supreme Court justices, etc.


  7. Your President might have too much to say sometimes but you can thank your stars that he is for the U.S.A. and definitely looking out for Americans.


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