New study: more than half of all female-to-male transgender teens attempt suicide

Anti-marriage gay activists vandalize church
Anti-marriage gay activists vandalize church

A recent study by a researcher out of Brown University found that the exploding rates of transgender young people is being driven in part by social factors. In particular, coming out as transgender gives young people instant popularity, and everyone around them feels obligated to affirm them and agree with them. Or else. What’s missing? What’s missing is any sort of warning about the dangers of transgenderism.

The Daily Wire reports on a new study from the American Academy of Pediatrics.


A new study from the American Academy of Pediatrics found an alarming number of teens who identify as transgender or nonbinary have attempted suicide at least once, showcasing the dangers of the transgender movement. More than half of all female-to-male transgender teens, for example, have attempted to end their lives.

Researchers behind the study used data collected from more than 600 teens over a 36-month period, June 2012 to May 2015, from the “Profiles of Student Life: Attitudes and Behaviors” survey.

The study found that female-to-male trans teens had the highest suicide attempt rate of all other identity groups surveyed: 50.8%. Unsurprisingly, other gender-confused teens had outrageously high rates of suicide attempts, too. Nonbinary adolescents, meaning teens who do not identify exclusively as female or male, were found to have a 41.8% suicide attempt rate; male-to-female trans teens had a 29.9% rate; and “questioning” teens had a rate of 27.9%.

By comparison, teens who identified as their biological sex and corresponding gender suffered relatively low (though still too high) rates: females were found to have a 17.6% rate while males had the lowest of any other group at 9.8%.

When I tell LGBT people about the health risks of their choices, and cite peer-reviewed studies, the most frequent response is that they get angry and even violent and demand approval. I have even heard threats that if I don’t approve of what they feel like doing, then they will kill themselves, and their blood will be on my hands.

The thing is, there is a study about that. Even though LGBT people think that approval will make them feel better about what they are doing, it’s not true. In societies where social approval and government support of LGBT behaviors are HIGHER than in America, the suicide rates are still extremely high.

Life Site News explains:

A study out of Sweden published last month has found that suicide risk among active homosexuals is high even in a region that is highly tolerant of same-sex behaviour.

Published in the European Journal of Epidemiology, the authors found that men in same-sex “marriages” were at three times greater risk of suicide than men who are married to women.

The authors note in their abstract:

Even in a country with a comparatively tolerant climate regarding homosexuality such as Sweden, same-sex married individuals evidence a higher risk for suicide than other married individuals.

Just in passing, what a strange way to respond to disagreement. I have people disagree with my chastity, my Christianity, my conservative politics, etc. all the time. It never occurs to me to threaten to commit suicide if they don’t approve. I also don’t try to get them fired, insult them, shame them, vandalize their property, assault them, murder them, or drag them in front of a government-run political correctness panel. I don’t even mind that they use their free speech to disagree with me. After all, they are people made in the image of God, with an equal right to be in a relationship with God. I can’t do anything that is going to cause them to think that God doesn’t love them.

It’s useful to remember that the Christian view on life is not to neglect God’s design and tell people to do whatever they want. The Christian view is to tell people God’s design, set boundaries, and encourage people to make good decisions. Christians don’t believe in love as mere acceptance. Christians believe in “love warns”. I tell young people not to run up student loan debt studying useless non-STEM degrees. They might feel bad, but it’s the truth: they won’t be able to find a job that allows them to pay the money back. Warning people about sexual issues is the same thing, in my mind.

11 thoughts on “New study: more than half of all female-to-male transgender teens attempt suicide”

  1. This helps prove this is a mental disorder! Admitting it will get them help! It’s a misconception that saying it’s abnormal denigrates those who suffer from it! No more than saying depression is a mental disorder denigrates sufferers of depression! It’s clear reinforcing the transgender delusion does not help transgender people! Society needs to step up and say it for what it is… a MENTAL ILLNESS!


    1. Not to mention the consequences in society more widely such as cisgender men going into women’s rooms under the guise of transgenderism! We can’t endanger real women by catering to 1% of 1% !!!


      1. Oh, you don’t agree with this, then?


        A transgender prisoner carried out sex offences against four fellow inmates after being sent to a women’s jail charged with rape, a court heard.

        Karen White, 52, who identifies as a woman, has since been moved out of HMP New Hall near Wakefield to a male prison.

        Details of the the sex offences she was accused of emerged as she appeared before Leeds Crown Court to plead guilty to an historical rape which took place in 2003.

        White was born David Thompson and began to identify as a woman four years ago when she lived in the Mytholmroyd area of West Yorkshire.


  2. From what I understand, gender reassignment surgery is relatively rare, because the board more often than not realizes that the “patient” is simply sexually confused and/or mentally ill and isn’t a candidate. Rightfully so.

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  3. I suspect these suicide rates are more correlative rather than causative. Victims think they are having problems that will be resolved with homosexual relationships or sex change surgery. The truth seems to be that these “solutions” can at best not resolve the underlying issues and more typically, I think they aggravate them. The Christian answer starts with the individual finding a way to fit in with God’s plan. For the secularists? Poor second choices I suppose would be more enlightened therapy (if it were at all possible) or medication.

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  4. ‘When I tell LGBT people about the health risks of their choices, and cite peer-reviewed studies, the most frequent response is too get angry and even violent and demand approval. ‘

    Proves it’s a mental illness. When emotion overtakes even verified health risks. Some people embrace a culture of death.

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  5. I find the oddest thing is those on the left are most likely to get all crazy over don’t eat GMO food and all those scare ideas that have science backing it.

    But they won’t eat this or that or meat because it may harm them. But don’t tell them actual science backing dangers to reassignment and taking unnecessary meds for life to suppress your true sex

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