Women verbally abuses man for refusing to have sex with her on the first date

Click for larger image of chat with crazy woman
Click for larger image of chat between a sensible man and a crazy woman

Dina sent me this horrifying article from the UK Daily Mail.

It says:

A man received a barrage of abuse over texts after refusing to sleep with a woman during a date.

The screenshots of the messages, which were posted to image sharing site Imgur last night, show the man’s female date initiate conversation before launching into an angry rant.

The unnamed woman even goes so far as to suggest that her date had no right to turn down the opportunity to sleep with her, asking him whether he was gay and telling him no only means no when a woman says it.

‘Can I ask you something?’ the woman says.

Once her unnamed date from the the night before agrees she continues. ‘Why didn’t we have sex last night?’

The rational man writes, ‘I’m not really sure. Just didn’t feel like it. That bad?’

It seems as though, according to the woman, it certainly is bad, as she goes on to send some foul-mouthed messages.

‘It kind of ****** me off because I took a good 2 [sic] hours out of my time to get all ready, shave my legs, and what not… I’m actually super ******* ****** I wasted 2 hours of my time getting ready for nothing.’

The confused woman goes on to add, ‘I literally kept giving you hints and was trying all night.’

However, the man stands his ground and replies: ‘I just didn’t want to. Sorry bout it lol. What’s the big deal, it’s just sex [sic].’

But the woman just can’t accept no for an answer and loses her cool completely at his response, as she writes: ‘The big deal is I wasted 2 [sic] hours…Okay **** that a whole night trying to have sex with you and you just ‘didn’t want to.’

‘Like what’s the issue? Are you actually gay and lying? Am I that ******* hideous? Not that ******* hard to whip your **** out???’

And she even argues with the man’s protestations of ‘no means no’ as she claims that the anti-rape catchphrase only has significance when she uses it. 

However, the man still manages to keep his composure and cooly answers the message, calling the woman ‘hypocritical’ and repeatedly telling her that he ‘didn’t need reasons’ to not want to have sex with her.

He also sarcastically remarked: ‘Rape is only rape for women, got it.’

Taking the comment seriously and without any explanation, the woman replies: ‘Basically.’

Read that part in bold carefully. She thinks that if she asks for sex, then the man has no right to tell her no. Compare that with the hysteria we are seeing from feminists over the “rape culture” on university campuses, where an unwanted kiss can now be prosecuted as sexual assault, and speech that offends a woman is “sexual harrassment”. Where is the chastity and the modesty that we should expect from women? Is anyone brave enough to tell this woman that her approach to relationships is destructive and harmful?

The real underlying problem is feminism

I am seeing a lot of people trying to blame men for the way that the culture has gone ever since feminists pushed the sexual revolution on us. I think we should be blaming feminism. Feminism is the idea that there are no differences whatsoever between men and women. As such, the feminist prescription for the culture is that women start to work like men, drink like men, and have sex without feel bad afterwards like men. That’s what they’ve been teaching women to do in the schools for some time, and guess what… young women believe this and they are acting on it. The normalization of fatherlessness through the generous single mother welfare programs pushed by Democrats just makes the problem worse.

Young women these days want to get attention from men, but they don’t want to be saddled with the responsibilities, expectations or obligations of a relationship with him. So, they are very proud about not listening to a man, not caring for him, not investing in him, not auditioning for the role of stay at home wife and mother in any way. They try to get attention from men who have no interest or aptitude for marriage by showing skin and jumping into bed on the first date. They have been taught that their selfishness, i.e. – career, travel, fun, etc., is more important than pursuing marriage. Marriage-minded men are avoided because they are “sexist” for expecting her to develop the skills necessary to actually perform as a wife and mother. The feminist approach of promiscuity-not-marriage basically ruins the woman’s ability to commit to a man for life in the way a non-promiscuous woman could.

Women have a narrow window from 18-35 where they can invest their youth and beauty into the life of marriage-minded man, in order to build relationship capital with him that will keep him committed to her as she ages and loses her looks. Obviously, the more she focuses on learning useful skills, both professional and domestic, the more she will be able to attract a good man – a man with a long-term plan who is prepared to commit to a woman through all the stages of her life. Her late teens and 20s is the time to demonstrate ability to be a wife and mother. But a feminist woman’s purpose for a man has nothing to do with marriage. She doesn’t look for men who want to get married, she avoids them. She just wants to get attention and to show off the handsome men she can attract to her friends.

Older women seem to be telling younger women to not marry too soon. Older women tell the younger women to have fun with their sexuality, to focus on fun and thrills and travel and having experiences. Don’t worry about marriage, have fun with hot guys. But the truth is that women cannot waste a moment of time finding a good man early and building her value with him by investing in him. From the time a man starts to work, he can benefit from a woman’s support. As this Washington Post article notes, a wife can have an enormously positive impact on her husband’s income, career and health, during these early years. When a woman decides not to make it a priority to find a man early and apply her youth, beauty and femininity to encourage and motivate him, she is losing out on being married to a strong man who will be there for her as she ages. Men do fall in love with women who invest in them – if they are good men. It’s her job to find a good man, and to make good decisions with her life in order to attract him.

Marriage to a man is not something that a woman can “put off” with impunity. The choice to party and travel and have fun in her youth comes at a price. What sort of person would put off investing into a retirement fund early so she can waste the money of thrill-seeking and adventures? Everyone knows that sooner you find something worth investing in and start investing in it, the more of a return you will get over the long term. You can’t just hope and pray for a retirement fund to materialize at age 35, after you spent all the years before having fun and traveling around. You have to build it up over a long period of time. Similarly, you can’t just find a perfect husband at age 35 when you are ready to stop all your selfish fun-seeking and travel. You have to build that man into a competent husband, by helping him with his health, career, saving, and so on. Men and women benefit from each other, and they do better as a unit. The sooner they start to function as a unit, the more they can help each other, the more wealth they can build, the more of an influence they can have.

When you present the need to rollback feminism to man-blaming pastors and parents, typically, they will tell you that we have to keep the feminism intact, and men simply have to marry women who are acting like the women in our news story (until they reach age 35). I have had Christian men tell me that although I was chaste and industrious in my youth, I must now lower my criteria and continue to pursue marriage to women who, like the woman in the story, have not prepared themselves in any way to be content with the roles of wife and mother. I’m sorry, pious parents and pastors, but I am not on board with your “make it work out for her so she’ll be happy” plan. Women like the ones in the news story are not prepared for a life-long commitment. Pursuing fun for the first 35 years of one’s life does not prepare a woman for marriage. Feminism is not compatible with self-sacrificial love for a husband. The time to fix the new generation of young women is now, though, so you all should get started with them. Get started rolling back their feminism instead of taking it as a given. Don’t talk to me about my obligation to marry, you need to focus on producing marriage-minded women who reject feminism. Then we’ll talk.

13 thoughts on “Women verbally abuses man for refusing to have sex with her on the first date”

  1. this is interesting, the ones i have seen have mostly been from men who where told no by a female for two reasons. the first she wasn’t interested but she was polite about it- yet he got really offend and started calling her names and even said she deserves to rape. the second was a woman saying no because she was married, guy didn’t care still wanted her.

    so both men and women need to learn no means no


  2. I go out once a month to dance to old soul music from the 1960’s. The lyrics are secular from that period but nothing bad being said. The dance moves from this period are not sexual. I feel great that I can enjoy this now without drink or drugs as well! I have a great time, and I am not looking to meet a Christian woman here (all of these are drinking, cussing, dressed inappropriately (difference between dressing up to dance and just have fun, and dressing up with zero modesty), and are not Christian (too many Christian women don’t like anything fun….they like traveling which can be fun but is expensive). So I know where I am at. Not getting phone numbers. Not chatting any of them up. Not trying to get female attention…..I come home exhausted, feeling great and confident that I am strong enough in prayer beforehand and in my walk with Him. I always have a great time.

    On numerous occasions, I have women trying to grind up on me, dance WAY to close on a slower number, ask me questions like “why are you by yourself / where are you friends / who did you come here with?” More than a few have done a crotch grab, or a slap on my rear end, lick my ear…..I just back off and continue dancing.

    More than a few then get downright mean. “Whatever! Jerk!” and “Why don’t you just tell me you’re gay and quit playing games with me!” and “Oh, you’re too good for me? Who do you think YOU are? God’s gift to women???” Add a few cuss words as well into that mix. A few other insults about my age, or appearance.

    I enjoy the music and dancing, and that’s it. I won’t let people like this steal my joy or happiness on this night.

    I feel for worldly guys in many ways because I use to be one of them. I pray that these women who behave like this understand someday that the lie of feminism, behaving in a boorish manner, talking like a sailor and getting involved with men who act / behave like clowns….is a broad road to hell.

    It’s too bad. It’s fun, safe music / dancing even for a Christian….and women here are getting angry, entitled, drunk, upset, annoyed and are really unattractive on any level

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        1. Yes, definitely not all… it’s a phrase Dr. Laura frequently has said, and I do agree with it, even if it’s unpopular. It comes from the stereotype that women love to say about all men being pigs. From what she’s seen in how women treat men, especially how they treat their husbands, she thinks that saying more fits women now.

          But yes, who will tell them that they need to be virtuous? I’m still continuing to write that series on the virtuous wife from Proverbs 31, in hope that maybe it will help some wives desire to become better marriage partners and mothers.

          Here is today’s if you’re interested WK, about a husband being able to safely trust in his in all areas of their life together:

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          1. Thank you. I have some female friends who are married, and they all speak well of their husbands. Even when they want the husbands to do more, they always think that they have a role to play in bringing out the best in them.


    1. The key that unlocked everything for me was when a divorced friend of mine told me that some women are more interested in attention and validation than they are in asking questions and finding out how they can support or care for others. I had a Skype call with a woman recently that went 2 hours, and she did not ask me a single question about myself. Everything was all about her… her career, her plans, etc.


  3. The underlying philosophical foundation of feminism is egalitarianism. Unless we deal with this underpinning. Then feminism won’t go away.


  4. “Feminism is the idea that there are no differences whatsoever between men and women. … young women believe this and they are acting on it.”

    Indeed, and what a shame. This is seriously unfeminine behaviour from any woman, really…but as a friend in high school once said to me, “Who said anything about wanting to be a lady? Who wants to be a lady?!”


    The ‘conversation’ above seems to be very much the result of that mindset.

    Additionally, you are more right about older women & mothers being part of the problem than you know. It’s stunning, heartbreaking…and ultimately leads to heartbreak for the young women trusting the advice of those they are taught to—and ought to be able to—trust. Though generally quiet in person, I do what I can to encourage young women in the truth, though it very often contradicts their mothers and other trusted sources.

    Feminism is a cancer from the pits of hell, one with roots deep in the church, too.


  5. Depending on the context, not explicitly saying Yes ( rather than not say No) would make giving in to this an act of Rape.


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