Colorado preschool kicks 4-year-old out when her parents question LGBT indoctrination

National Education Association
National Education Association

The radically leftist Denver Post has the story:

A 4-year-old Aurora girl was kicked out of a preschool last month when her parents raised questions about books read in her class, including ones that told the stories about same-sex couples and worms unsure about their gender.

Her mother, R.B. Sinclair, sees it as sex education and wanted to opt her daughter out of those discussions.

Instead, school officials from Montview Community Preschool & Kindergarten in Denver — run as a private, parent cooperative — explained the stories were part of the school’s anti-bias curriculum, and because the discussions are embedded through the day, they told her that opting out was not possible.

The school’s anti-bias curriculum is part of a growing push in public and private school classrooms where educators use more diverse depictions of families and gender roles to expose students to differences before children have a chance to form negative opinions.

“Biases start as kids get older and start to see differences as negative. At a young age, kids are exploring all different kinds of things,” said Kim Bloemen, director of early childhood education for the Boulder Valley School District. “It’s about just providing them with all these experiences.”

In a letter sent home to Montview parents, the school defended the books and in a newsletter suggested ways for parents to discuss the topics at home.

School officials refused to comment for this story or answer questions about their curriculum or the goals they set.

[…]In Boulder’s public preschools, all teachers were trained this year to integrate a broader type of diversity to include gender and sexual differences and to have conversations with young children.

So, who is doing the training of the teachers in the public schools?

These guys:

A Queer Endeavor, an initiative started in the School of Education at the University of Colorado at Boulder, has helped train 2,500 teachers over the past three years, including those in Boulder and in the St. Vrain Valley School District.

[…]The initiative helps teachers keep the focus on family structures and on being positive about differences.

More about “A Queer Endeavor” from their web site:

Housed in the CU-Boulder School of Education and led by Bethy Leonardi, PhD, and Sara Staley, PhD, A Queer Endeavor is an initiative focused on supporting teachers and school communities around topics of gender and sexual diversity.

[…]The work of A Queer Endeavor is made possible through a partnership between the School of Education at the University of Colorado Boulder and the generous support of the Twisted Foundation.

And it’s not just the gay activists who get into the schools to push their agenda. Schools who refuse to toe the line on gay activism will not be accredited:

Back to the Denver Post article:

Kristen Johnson, senior director of the Academy for Early Childhood Program Accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children, a nonprofit that accredits preschools, said the organization’s standards require schools in some way to include depictions of nonstereotypical gender roles and families.

“The early-childhood years are the prime time to help children develop healthy self-identities as well as learn to respect and interact positively with people who are different from themselves,” Johnson said. “Reading books that are inclusive of diverse characters is an essential strategy for supporting self-esteem in children who are part of these families, as well as teaching children about the diversity of all families.”

So let’s see what happened:

  • public school teachers were trained by gay rights groups in LGBT propaganda (undermining heterosexual norms like monogamy and exclusivity, and undermining natural marriage)
  • four-year-old child indoctrinated to approve of redefinition of natural marriage and family, so that she won’t judge the selfish adults for redefining marriage
  • parents try to protest the LGBT propaganda, but they are told there is no opt-out, and their daughter is kicked out

Keep in mind that the parents of this four-year-old girl are taxpayers – they are forced to pay taxes that go to these public school teachers. There is no opt out of the lessons, and there is no opt-out of paying taxes for these public schools. And there is no transparency to parents or to voters – that’s the whole point of it.

Team LGBT wants children to adopt an anything-goes approach to relationships and sex, so that these children have a knee-jerk reaction against natural marriage as the best arrangement for children and for society.

The problem is that moral norms around natural marriage are there for a reason. By teaching children to “celebrate diversity”, they are removing the moral boundaries reduce harm in adults and in their vulnerable children. I understand what the gay activists want. They want to make a world where no one objects to a woman leaving husband, taking her 3 children, and moving in with her lesbian lover. They want children to think that is as good as lifelong married love between one man and one woman. But that woman’s children will be raised fatherless, which is bad for them. The gay activists and their allies in the public schools do not want selfish adults shamed or offended by anyone who articulates that natural marriage is best for kids and society. That’s why they are indoctrinating your kids – for their benefit. They want to be selfish, and not be disagreed with.

Here’s the end game of the gay activists, explained by a gay activist, and reported by The Blaze:

A 2012 speech by Masha Gessen, an author and outspoken activist for the LGBT community, is just now going viral and it includes a theory that many supporters of traditional marriage have speculated about for years: The push for gay marriage has less to do with the right to marry – it is about diminishing and eventually destroying the institution of marriage and redefining the “traditional family.”

[…][T]hose advocating for gay marriage have long stated that the issue will not harm traditional marriage. Ms. Gessen’s comments on the subject seem to contradict the pro-gay-marriage party lines.

Gessen shared her views on the subject and very specifically stated;

  • “Gay marriage is a lie.”
  • “Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there.”
  • “It’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist.” (This statement is met with very loud applause.)

As mentioned above, Gessen also talked about redefining the traditional family. This may have something to do with the fact that she has “three children with five parents”:

“I don’t see why they (her children) shouldn’t have five parents legally. I don’t see why we should choose two of those parents and make them a sanctioned couple.”

That’s the real goal of these gay activists and their public school allies. Getting children to not see natural marriage as normal. Getting children to not condemn selfish adults who don’t give children access to their biological mom and biological dad for life. The gay activists don’t want the obligations to do relationships and marriage in a way that benefits children. They want to make a world where the next generation of children won’t judge them for depriving kids of their mom and their dad. They don’t want kids to expect that men and women commit to each other self-sacrificially, monogamously and faithfully. They don’t want kids to expect that adults put their kids above their feelings and desires, for the benefit of the kids.

The end goal is to get rid of moral values and moral boundaries in romantic and sexual relationships, so that adults can never be judged for taking actions and living lifestyles that harm themselves and/or others – especially children who need a mom and a dad. We can allow people to live differently while still promoting natural marriage as the best environment for having and raising children. It is more important that selfish adults give children a mom and a dad, than that selfish adults indoctrinate children to affirm selfish adults who deny children a mom and a dad.

I hope everyone read my recent post about the dangers of public schools. Christians should make a plan to keep their kids away from these government-run schools. But the real solution is to stop the funding of these schools by taxpayer dollars. Parents should be able to buy the instruction they want for their kids, not be forced to pay for schools and teachers that do not reflect their values.

4 thoughts on “Colorado preschool kicks 4-year-old out when her parents question LGBT indoctrination”

  1. I still doubt that no matter what sexual indoctrination there will be some attitudes that will not be removed.

    A cis-hetero man who is married and is non-monogamous without his wife’s consent will always be considered worthless, regardless of whether the same applies to the female.

    One of the issues with the left is they see culture inexorably moving in their favour, with no real possibility of swinging away in the future, as they assume they are incapable of error. There will be a day when the pendulum swings back away from them, and they will have legitimized tactics that they would not like used against them.


  2. Back in 1989, when I was a freshman in college. We had a LGB (the “T” for transgender was not included then) group come and speak at our campus…….over and over again was the refrain. “We just want you to accept us for who we are. That’s all”

    By 1992 it was “We just want to be open in our sexuality in the military. that’s all!”

    By 1996 it was “We just want “domestic partnerships”, that’s all. I mean, my domestic partner should be allowed to see me in the hospital if I am sick, and I should be able to put him on my benefits plan at work, that’s all.”

    By 1998 it was “all we just want is ‘civil unions’ so we have the same protections under the law as married people, that’s all.”

    By 1999 it was “all we want is to be able to adopt children, we gays could actually teach you straights about parenthood, that’s all.”

    By 2001 it was “We just want an equal say in the aspects of marriage, we understand that some churches may not want to marry us, or some people may have issues with this. It should be a state’s right if it decides to recognize gay marriage.”

    By 2003 it was “God loves anybody who can stand before Him and make a vow, we just want the legal recognition of marriage. Not the word, that’s all.”

    By 2006 it was “We have the RIGHT to marriage”

    By 2008, it was “We just want equality in all of lifestyle choices. All State / Federal programs and benefits and social services should have protection for LGBT people, is this so much to ask for?”

    By 2010, it was “We need our own safe spaces, and special areas for us for protection, we’re a persecuted class of people, we just want protection for our choices, that’s all.”

    Sometime in the near future……..

    My boyfriend and I want to get married in this beautiful, old church. Oh, what’s that? Your church / denomination doesn’t recognize our lifestyle choices? You won’t marry us? We will sue. We want to get married in this church!!!!!!!

    They win. The pastor / priest is FORCED by the muscle of law to marry people his faith commands him not to.

    NOW…before you tell that this will never, never, never happen……..

    back in 1989 nobody thought by 1992 gays would be taking on the military and by the end of the decade have legal ‘civil unions’ in many states.

    WK is right, it was never about ‘gay marriage’ it is about destroying traditional family structure and Christianity.

    Get ready because it’s going to happen, or “churches” are suddenly going to lose their “tax exempt” status.


    1. I can hardly wait for all the Bible-believing pastors who have done nothing on political issues to reap what they sowed. I feel bad for the pastors who have been active on these issues that impact religious liberty and the culture.


  3. “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions at state expense.” – Karl Marx.

    I guess people in Colorado, among so many others, have been adopting this ideal and putting it into practice.


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