Ben Shapiro will press charges against transgender Zoey Tur

Conservative radio show host and author Ben Shapiro went on CNN and got grabbed and threatened repeatedly by a transgender guest.

The story is here from Breitbart News.


Breitbart Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro and transgender reporter for Inside Edition and helicopter pilot Zoey Tur engaged in a heated debate over Caitlyn Jenner and transgenderism during which Tur threatened to send Shapiro home in an ambulance on Thursday’s “Dr. Drew On Call.”

[…]Pinsky then argued that ABC did a good job getting viewers, which is the point of an awards ceremony. Pinsky continued, “In terms of the science behind gender disphoria, you’re very familiar with that, Zoey. It’s not about the…chromosomes within our nuclei.” Tur responded, “We both know chromosomes don’t necessarily mean you’re male or female.” And “you have a thing like Klinefelter’s syndrome. So, [turning to Shapiro and touching his shoulder] you don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re not educated on genetics –.” Shapiro asked if the discussion was supposed to be on genetics and asked, “What are your genetics, sir?” Pinsky said to Tur, “I’d stay away from the genetics and back to the brain scans.”

Tur then said to Shapiro, “You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance.” Shapiro responded, “That seems mildly inappropriate for a political discussion.” Oduolowu said that, to be fair, Shapiro was being rude, to which Shapiro answered, “I’m sorry, it’s not rude to say that someone who’s biologically a male is a male.” Tur stated, “You just called me a ‘sir.’”

If you watch the video, Tur grabs the back of Shapiro’s head in a rather menacing manner.

I listened to hour 1 of Ben Shapiro’s Friday radio show, and he said that Tur threatened him again – telling him he would be waiting for Shapiro in the parking lot.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s this threat to “curb-stomp” Shapiro on Twitter:

Transgender Zoey Tur threatens to curb-stomp Ben Shapiro
Transgender Zoey Tur threatens to curb-stomp Ben Shapiro

One thing for sure – he certainly didn’t appear to be very feminine or ladylike, grabbing the back of Ben Shapiro’s head and threatening to beat him up.

In case you are wondering what curb-stomping is, Breitbart News explains:

Curb-stomping is a heinously violent street practice where the victim is forced to bite the corner of a cement street curb before the assailant stomps on the victims head.

[…]Curb-stomping is a practice made infamous by American Nazi skinheads.

Ben Shapiro is Jewish.

That’s a serious threat. And yet people on the panel all talked about tolerance, and none of them thought anything of what Tur said to Shapiro.

If you listen to hour 1 of the Friday show, Shapiro says twice that he intends to press charges against Tur. The video was already turned over to the police by the time he was on air. He has to press charges because it’s wrong to say things like that to people just because you disagree with them. I really recommend listening to that hour of the radio show, to hear Ben’s full thoughts on the whole transgender issue. It’s sometimes helpful to hear someone speak about these issues with common sense, and that seems to be in short supply on the politically correct left these days. They talk about tolerance and diversity but there isn’t any tolerance and diversity unless you agree with them, and even celebrate them.

UPDATE: Mainstream media reacts to Shapiro-Tur altercation by blaming Shapiro:

Salon: Ben Shapiro tries — and spectacularly fails — to humiliate trans woman Zoey Tur:

Mediaite: Ben Shapiro and Transgender Reporter Get Heated on HLN

HLN(!): The moment this transgender debate got heated

The Wrap: Transgender Journalist, Breitbart Editor Nearly Come to Blows During Caitlyn Jenner Debate

Well, there’s consistency for you.

12 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro will press charges against transgender Zoey Tur”

  1. He should and see it through as far as the law allows. Zooey will probably like the publicity it gets him in the short term, but it won’t look good in the long run. It’s no joking matter, prosecute.


  2. One of the more bizzare aspects of this event is that in the wake of Zur’s threat to Shapiro, other guests then chastised Shapiro for being “aggressively insulting” to Tur!


  3. It’s pretty clear that nothing “bad” can be said to one who in any possible way opposes the LGBT agenda. At the same time, it doesn’t take much to incite and inflame the insane anger to the pro-LGBT activist/enabler. Kudos for Shapiro for how he handles the situation as the lone voice of reason amongst a pack of pro-deviancy wolves.

    I’ll be checking out Shapiro’s 1st hour later. Can’t wait.


  4. I just thought of this. I’m going to start describing this as “tolerhating”: The act of verbal bullying somebody with vitriol in order to show how tolerant and accepting you are.


    1. I’d also like to point out how absolutely ridiculous it was to compare trans-gender suicide (somehow that makes it special and to which Ben actually had the numbers) to the Holocaust. There isn’t a bag big enough, nor strong enough to contain that amount of victim puke…


  5. Well i know that this person is transgender and you have guys who are gay but um that doesn’t change your dna. This person has change gender but she will still at her core be a male and all that comes with it.


  6. I look at the show the panel was crazy they all attack Shapiro like a pack of wolves . Making Zoey the man felt like he was doing and saying something right to Shapiro. I wish he could have file charges against all of them . You cannot force people to change their belief. None of them defended Ben Shapiro all of them cradled “poor poor Zoey” A big strong man who threatened to beat and stomp another person and send them home in an ambulance. Now suppose Shapiro had put his hand around “the fine lady Zoey he wouldn’t have went to jail in a police car. It was so wrong . Shame on the whole panel.


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