DOJ announces plan to release prisoners convicted of drug offenses

Story from Fox News.


The Justice Department moved Wednesday to significantly expand the number of people eligible for clemency, issuing new guidelines allowing certain prisoners who already have served at least 10 years behind bars to apply for release.

The initiative is part of a broader Obama administration effort to ease sentences for nonviolent drug offenders.

[…]DOJ leaders… argue that the new clemency changes are meant to address inconsistencies in sentences over time. The announcement is aimed primarily at drug prisoners, especially those sentenced under old guidelines that resulted in significantly harsher penalties for people caught with crack cocaine than for those who possessed the powder form of the drug. But it also applies to federal inmates imprisoned for other crimes, provided they meet the same criteria for clemency.

Keep in mind that this is the same DOJ that oversaw the sale of assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels. At least one of which was later used to kill a Border Patrol officer. So no one should be surprised where they come down when the rights of the law-abiding conflict with the rights of criminals.

It would be nice if criminals who are released would only commit future crimes against the people who are making the decision to release them. But unfortunately that’s not what happens. Instead, the people who are released will go to the poorest communities and commit more crimes there. It’s the poorest people who have to bear the consequences for this “compassion”.

2 thoughts on “DOJ announces plan to release prisoners convicted of drug offenses”

  1. I have to say yes for non-violent pot users or dealers. It is insane to keep these people locked up.


  2. Just another case of the Obama Administration deciding which laws it will enforce. We are no longer a nation under the rule of law. We are being ruled by a dictator who decides which laws will be enforced and which will not. That is not part of the President’s authority. The President is not supposed to make law or choose which laws to enforce, but simply to enforce the laws the PEOPLE have passed through their representatives. Obama has cut the people out of the equation and reduced us to serfs under his thumb. I didn’t think I would see a President getting away with this kind of power grab in my lifetime, but unfortunately, it is happening.


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