UK headmistress warns parents that child’s refusal to attend Muslim field trip is “racism”

Dina send me this troubling article from the UK Daily Mail.


Parents were ordered to send their children to a workshop on Islam or have them labelled  as racist for the rest of their  school career.

They were sent a letter warning that the primary school pupils would have a ‘racial discrimination note’ put on their records if they did not go.

Families were told to pay £5 per child for the Explore Islam trip next Wednesday to Staffordshire University, which would involve Year 4 and Year 6 children being shown Islamic artefacts.

Mothers and fathers were warned: ‘Refusal to allow your child to attend will result in a Racial Discrimination note being attached to your child’s education record, which will remain on this file throughout their school career.

‘All absences on this day will be investigated for their credibility and will only be sanctioned with a GP sick note.’

[…]According to the letter sent last Wednesday, the visit is part of  the National Curriculum for religious education and also reflects ‘the multi-cultural community in which we live’.

You might remember that the UK is not doing too well lately with their Islamic population, judging by recent terrorist attacks and general anti-Western radicalism. But that doesn’t stop them from continuing these policies.

6 thoughts on “UK headmistress warns parents that child’s refusal to attend Muslim field trip is “racism””

  1. Gee, considering Islam was created in the Middle East, the largest Muslim country is Indonesia, and Muslim communities are found in almost every country on the planet, exactly what ‘race’ would that be discrimination against?


    1. If you imply that there is anything wrong with them doing that (and you paying for it through taxes) then we’ll have to drag you before the Equality and Human Rights Commission (which you also pay for through taxes) to stand trial.


  2. What the heck is going on in the UK???

    As an aside, I was with my daughter for her first volunteer shift with the Salvation Army Kettle drive. I go along so that she can go stretch her legs or use the bathroom – and for the excellent company, too. :-)

    This month, she’s in a different mall than she worked last year. It’s one I’ve only ever been to for the second level medical facilities (yes, in Canada, we have plenty of privately owned medical clinics and specialists), and have never actually been to the first floor before, other than to go straight to the escalators. I was really surprised by it. It was much smaller than expected, and not very busy, yet I’ve never seen so many hijabs in the space of a few hours in my entire life. Many of the female employees in several stores and kiosks wore hijabs, and we saw a lot of children wearing them, too (children are typically not expected to wear them until puberty, so for a child to be wearing one, it says a lot about the type of Muslim family they are in). We are not exactly a hotbed of Islam, but there was enough of a local population that this tiny little mall had a store that specialized in “Islamic clothing.”

    While there, we didn’t get a lot of donations (as I said, it was not very busy), but of the people who donated, we had all ages, races and demographics, from tiny children who needed help reaching the kettle to a guy with a green faux-hawk, metal spikes and piercings. We were allowed to ring bells at our location, and I saw a few people walk out of shops, stop at the sound of the bells and start digging into purse or pocket and come over to drop in some change or a few bills.

    There was only one demographic where we saw no donations at all. Not a single Muslim donated. Most wouldn’t even look at us, though one woman kept staring at us, even as she went up the escalator. The Salvation Army Kettle drive is their one income generating activity for the year, and it funds their efforts for that year to feed the hungry, provide shelter and assistance for the homeless, run drug rehabilitation facilities, etc. We live just a few blocks from the headquarters for the Northern half of our province, plus the Territories, and most of the building is a residential rehabilitation centre.


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