William Lane Craig lectures on Bart Ehrman and the historical Jesus

Here’s a lecture by Dr. Craig on Bart Ehrman’s approach to the historical Jesus.

Clip 1 of 6:

Clip 2 of 6:

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Clip 6 of 6:

And then there is the debate between William Lane Craig and Bart Ehrman, (transcript here), where you get to see it all in action in front of real students at a real university!

I also see that Brian Auten posted something here, but I don’t know whether it is the audio from this lecture or something else entirely.

All my Christian readers – I hope you guys can all make a case for the resurrection that stands up. Bill’s case stands up – in the university, against the toughest opponents. Will you stand up for Jesus, too?

Further study

The top 10 links to help you along with your learning.

  1. How every Christian can learn to explain the resurrection of Jesus to others
  2. The earliest source for the minimal facts about the resurrection
  3. The earliest sources for the empty tomb narrative
  4. Who were the first witnesses to the empty tomb?
  5. Did the divinity of Jesus emerge slowly after many years of embellishments?
  6. What about all those other books that the Church left out the Bible?
  7. Assessing Bart Ehrman’s case against the resurrection of Jesus
  8. William Lane Craig debates radical skeptics on the resurrection of Jesus
  9. Did Christianity copy from Buddhism, Mithraism or the myth of Osiris?
  10. Quick overview of N.T. Wright’s case for the resurrection

Debates are a fun way to learn

Three debates where you can see this play out:

Or you can listen to my favorite debate on the resurrection.

2 thoughts on “William Lane Craig lectures on Bart Ehrman and the historical Jesus”

  1. Wow I’ve been blogging about Bart Ehrman and the historical Jesus the last few months and was in the middle of writing a post for tommorow or the day after tommorow…so I’ll finish my thoughts first and eventually watch this. Thanks!


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