Pro-gay left’s new #FreeKate campaign seeks to normalize underage sex

Robert Stacy McCain writes about it in the American Spectator.


In January, Rush Limbaugh warned that there was “an effort under way to normalize pedophilia,” and was ridiculed by liberals (including CNN’s Soledad O’Brien) for saying so. But now liberals have joined a crusade that, if successful, would effectively legalize sex with 14-year-olds in Florida.

The case involves Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt, an 18-year-old in Sebastian, Florida, who was arrested in February after admitting that she had a lesbian affair with a 14-year high-school freshman. (Click here to read the affidavit in Hunt’s arrest.) It is a felony in Florida to have sex with 14-year-olds. Hunt was expelled from Sebastian High School — where she and the younger girl had sex in a restroom stall — and charged with two counts of “felony lewd and lascivious battery on a child.” The charges could put Hunt in prison for up to 15 years. Prosecutors have offered Hunt a plea bargain that would spare her jail time, but her supporters have organized an online crusade to have her let off scot-free — in effect, nullifying Florida’s law, which sets the age of consent at 16.

Using the slogan “Stop the Hate, Free Kate” (the Twitter hashtag is #FreeKate) this social-media campaign has attracted the support of liberals including Chris Hayes of MSNBC, Daily Kos, Think Progress and the gay-rights group Equality Florida.

[…]This is “behavior that is both fairly innocuous and extremely common,” the American Civil Liberties Union declared Tuesday in a statement condemning the prosecution of Hunt. The ACLU statement parrots the arguments of all the other “Free Kate” crusaders who emphasize that the sex between Hunt and the 14-year-old was consensual, and who are apparently indifferent (or even openly hostile) to the right of parents to safeguard their minor children against sexual exploitation. The liberal Daily Kos blog goes so far as to proclaim that officials are “prosecuting an 18-year-old for being in love.”

This echoes other efforts to facilitate sex with children. The left regularly pushes for lowering the age of consent, as well as introducing sex education to younger and younger children. A common sense interpretation of these efforts leads one to believe that they want to normalize sex with children. Conservatives on the other hand favor strong marriages, more parental authority, and laws that protect children from sex before the children are old enough to understand what is happening to them. That’s the difference between the two sides. The left wants to indoctrinate children in school and sexualize them at an early age for the benefit of adults. The right wants to protect them and preserve their childhood and their bond to parents.

UPDATE: Letitia sent me this article about an entire movement trying to decriminalize sex with children.

UPDATE: Lydia sent me this article about how Planned Parenthood teaches sex classes to children.

18 thoughts on “Pro-gay left’s new #FreeKate campaign seeks to normalize underage sex”

  1. Technically, it’s ephebophilia (involving post-pubescent children), not pedophilia (involving pre-pubescent children).

    Either way, it involves and adult having sex with a minor, but pedophiles generally have NO sexual interest in post-pubescent children.


  2. Where WAS this blog when I so desperately needed it 35 years ago – coming out of the 60’s?!?


    1. Apparently, there is an entire movement to decriminalize sex with children:

      No-fault divorce, gay marriage, women with young children working outside the home, sex education for children, and now this. Doesn’t anyone have any sympathy for little boys and girls who need to have parents who are committed to raising them and nurturing them? How can anyone look at little children and not see that they need love and care? It’s unbelievable to me that adults are so selfish and cruel.


      1. Yes, and I think it’s fair to add that the same folks who have no sympathy in this regard are also the ones that think it’s ok to dismember and murder baby boys and girls in the womb – and in some countries, in the first two years of their lives post-womb. They refer to this process as “compassion.”


      2. My husband told me about this story, and it didn’t surprise me in the least to hear that homosexual activists were out in force to support adult/child sex.

        This goes hand-in-hand with liberal and feminist beliefs about what children should be taught about sex. They believe very young children should learn graphic (and also, one would argue, perverted) sexual information. A friend of mine, a very liberal woman, was telling me quite approvingly of her friend’s daughter, who in Kindergarten had to label all the parts of a vulva on a worksheet. They also had to learn about homosexuality and homo”phobia”. In Kindergarten. Modern children don’t really get to have a period of childhood innocence anymore.


        1. I’m glad that you pointed out that it’s the liberals and feminists who are trying to normalize sex at earlier and earlier ages. So many people think that feminism is this innocuous thing, but they really are trying to separate sex from marriage as much as they can. Why do they think that premarital sex is a good idea to push onto young people? How does it help?


  3. Wow! It’s truly sad how people are so aware of their own feelings and hungers, that they’re totally blind to the destruction they cause to society’s moral fabric! It should never make sense (let alone be legal) that a child of 14 is seen as “consenting”. My niece is 14…she still can’t do her homework on time! How on earth is she even considered to be mature enough emotionally to be able to even understand the responsibilities/consequences of engaging in sexual activity???

    This is pathetic… But unfortunately, very real!


  4. I find the hypocrisy of just ‘common folks’ on these issues to be astounding. How many friends, usually male but not all, do you know that brag about their teen sexual exploits, the younger the better? But if they have teen aged daughters they want them in the house by 10 P.M., no boys allowed, virginity intact. Any thought of lowering age of consent laws would enrage them. But if you mention to them that maybe they should start defining some serious moral, ‘right and wrong’ rules(which must be led by example or you are wasting your time)they jump all over you and start in with the old ‘don’t judge me bible thumper’ talk.
    It’s very much like parents who constantly swear, smoke or drink and then punish their kids for doing the same. After a while, especially when kids hit the teen years,”…because I’m your parent! That’s why!”, or “Do as I say and not as I do!” just make one a hypocrite in their eyes. Christ led by example and parents have to also, more than anyone else in society.
    Look at what this Kate’s mother is showing the world. By standing with her adult daughter’s crime and perversion she not only gives Kate the example that these acts are acceptable, but to disagree with them is to also make her the victim worthy of sympathy.


    1. Thanks K!

      Quote from the article:

      And here it apparently is: “Our daughter was 14, and this girl was 18,” Jim told the outlet, clarifying previous inconsistencies surrounding the teens’ ages at the time of their relationship (previously, Hunt’s mother, Kelley, had written in a Facebook post that her daughter was 17 when the relationship began).

      According to Laurie, she and her husband told Hunt that the relationship wasn’t right and, by their account, the older teen refused to listen. The “Free Kate” mantra, the Smiths maintain, hasn’t been an accurate one thus far.

      “It’s not the way it was. It was quite different,” she said. “We had actually told Miss Hunt that this was wrong.”

      The high schooler was allegedly warned twice.

      “Another adult, a mother, came to me and said ‘Ms. Smith you need to know this…we told Miss Hunt to leave your daughter alone. But they are in a relationship, and she’s 18.’ 18? My daughter is only 14.”

      When their daughter began acting out, as many teens do, she ran away. Jim called the shock “the worst thing” that he has ever experienced. Assuming that she wouldn’t have willingly fled, the parents initially assumed that someone took her — but that wasn’t the case.

      After being told to stay away from their daughter, Kate purportedly picked up the 14-year-old. Because the relationship apparently didn’t stop, despite the aforementioned warnings, the Smiths said they had no choice but to turn to the law.

      As far as the issue of homosexuality goes, Laurie and Jim seemed perplexed in their WPEC-TV interview. While they have been painted as anti-gay in media and slapped with allegations that they blame Hunt for their daughter’s sexuality, the embattled parents said that this isn’t how they feel about the issue.

      “They made me seem as if I’m a monster,” Laurie said of bloggers’ attacks, noting that she and her husband have turned to the media to get their story out. “That’s why I’m talking to you…The stories that people are saying…I love my daughter and I am willing to do whatever to protect her.”

      A much different story than what the liberal media reported. I’m shocked!


  5. “I find the hypocrisy of just ‘common folks’ on these issues to be astounding. ”

    Yup – Rush limbaugh is always lecturing on morality, and he’s been divorced three times. Reagan not only divorced, he introduced the no-fault divorce laws. Then there’s Dinesh D’Souza. I could go on.


      1. The first words on the secomd para of WK’s post replying to yours above was ‘no fault divorce’. You replied in the affirmative. You didn’t ask him what the connection was.


        1. It seems to me that Wintery was saying that no-fault divorce is bad for children and hebephilia is bad for children, not that one causes the other. That’s why I didn’t question him on it. Relax, Andrew, no one’s intentionally picking on you, at least not me. :-)

          When you listed 3 conservatives in your post, were you suggesting that modern-day liberalism, as characterized by moral relativism, is morally superior to or even the equivalent of modern-day conservatism, as characterized by moral absolutism?


          1. Well, I’m saying that if the fathers are out of the house then young girls then to be sexually active at earlier ages. So there is no cause and effect for hebephilia, but it does expose women at younger ages to sexual predators.


          2. Great point – thanks for clarifying. You have earned your Ph.D. in Connectthedots – ology. :-)


          3. ” were you suggesting that modern-day liberalism, as characterized by moral relativism”

            Who says it is? Not me.


  6. I just learned about this story and have had read a number of articles about it. From reading the comments left on the articles, It’s disturbing how many people out there support lowering the age of consent to 13. It’s also messed up how many people believe the parents should have no right to do anything about the fact that their 14-year-old daughter is getting fingered by an adult at school and should just put up with it.

    Anyone see the video a peer of Kaitlyn uploaded to the internet showcasing the behavior of this supposedly “model citizen”?


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