Biased debate moderator joins unhinged VP Joe Biden in interrupting and bullying Paul Ryan

The full video is above, and the full transcript is here.


One undecided woman on CNN called Biden a “buffoon“, but why? Let’s see:

Here’s a debate re-cap from The Blaze.


Ryan argued the current administration had provided insufficient security to Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was killed, along with three other Americans, in a terrorist attack at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi on Sept. 11

However, Biden sought to blame Republicans, saying the budget that Ryan authored as chairman of the House Budget Committee cut the Obama administration’s funding request for diplomatic security by $300 million.

Despite multiple reports that indicate there were requests for additional security at the U.S. Consulate in Libya, Biden claimed the Obama administration wasn’t “told they wanted more security.” The statement appears to be at odds with the official record.

Many times throughout the debate, Biden could be seen smiling sarcastically and shaking his head as Ryan spoke. Both men also interrupted each other a number of times, though Biden was a more frequent offender.

“I know you’re under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground, but I think people would be better served if we don’t interrupt each other,” Ryan said. But he didn’t exactly stick to his word.

Actually, Ryan didn’t initiate any interruptions of Biden the entire night. It was Biden who kept breaking into Ryan’s speeches, with the full support of the moderator, and Ryan had to interrupt Biden then to get back the use of the time which he had been allocated to respond. Joe Biden could not control himself. He looked like some sort of Gollum flipping back and forth between laughing psychopath and somber sycophant. And always the leftist ABC News moderator was there to give him extra rebuttals, while denying Ryan any similar rebuttals. And if things started to go Ryan’s way, she immediately shut him up and moved on to another question.

Here’s a review with some specifics:

  • The first question that I heard was the moderator passing judgement on Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney as to their timing of their response to the murder of our Ambassador. Then she allowed Uncle Joe to cut off Representative Ryan, and asked him to elaborate further and in detail about all the reasons why Paul Ryan was a liar. Why do Republicans put up with this sort of third-world dictatorship facade of a debate? She asks Paul Ryan why he was wrong and then asks Biden to tell her why his policies were so good- and this passes as unbiased and fair?
  • Next question- “Romney has book on No Apologies- tell me why this book is wrong and sucks and you are wrong for being part of this book”, then she interrupts Ryan to be critical of his answer. Look, I know that Obama appointed her baby’s daddy to a major office and Obama was at her wedding, but I can’t believe that she just interrupted Ryan about 30 seconds into his answer, especially after she let Uncle Joe ramble on and on for a full answer. He should have just stood up and walked out on her- I’ve been watching it for 7 minutes now and it’s clearly a joke of a ‘debate’.
  • This set-up- sit down in silence and no responding to each other and a moderator who wants to prove that she is something important- is boring.
  • So Biden’s strategy must be to question and ridicule everything that Romney and Ryan say- “this is incredible,” “that was malarkey,” “facts matter,”, etc.
  • Biden- “Iran has no weapon to put an atomic bomb in”- but yet Iran has Shahab missiles and Sajjil missiles- the Sajjil-2 is a medium-range missile of about 2,200 km or 1,375 miles when carrying a 750-kg warhead, capable of hitting our assets in the Middle East or any of our allies in the regime (although admittedly it’s rather inaccurate). So he’s wrong, flat wrong, and totally wrong.
  • This moderator continues to judge Ryan, have a conversation with Biden, throw tough questions at Ryan, softball questions to Biden, cut off Ryan, and let Joe ramble. This debate is a joke- the format, moderator, and set-up are all BAD. Ask a question and get the heck out of the way.
  • At 9:52, Paul Ryan is asked a question, and is interrupted and attacked by both the moderator and Joe Biden, he turns right, he turns left, he is being interrupted, and he keeps trying to push through, even over the moderator, who at 9:55 began to summarize Ryan’s plans in a typical-liberal manner, and now that she is done hearing his views and hearing him defend himself, she says “I want to move on now and ask another biased and slanted question of you.” Get out of the debate, moderator, and let Biden and Ryan talk.

Read the whole thing.

Here’s the moderate Chris Wallace of Fox News to make it clear:

I don’t think that the debate is worth watching. The moderator ruined the debate because she has connections to Barack Obama, as I pointed out before, and it showed. I didn’t expect her to basically be a mouthpiece for the Obama campaign, but that’s what she did. This was a 2 on 1 debate from the first instant. It’s not worth watching. I don’t think that independents were impressed with 90 minutes of arrogant bullying by Biden and Raddatz.

You can read some tweets here which agree with this analysis. But it’s not just ordinary people who thought that Biden lost. Left-wing media people like Piers Morgan and Kirsten Powers tweeted their disapproval, too.

13 thoughts on “Biased debate moderator joins unhinged VP Joe Biden in interrupting and bullying Paul Ryan”

  1. Biden in the debate:
    “When a wise man has a controversy with a foolish man,
    The foolish man either rages or laughs, and there is no rest” – Proverbs 29:9

    One thing I have to disagree on though…the Blaze is definitely not what I would call “left wing”. :) That’s one of my favorite places to read up on current events!


    1. I hate to split a hair—I am really impressed with how fast you (and the RNC with their ad!) were able to put together this coverage of the debate (which, for the record, I agree that Ryan won)—but the blog entry above now reads, “Here’s a mainstream media re-cap from The Blaze.” Do I understand you to be calling the Blaze “mainstream media”? My memory, as a listener of the Glenn Beck radio show, is that he personally started the Blaze specifically to be an alternative news organization, because he was so displeased with the mainstream media.


  2. This liberal moderator Martha raddatz is so biased that she lost my respect like the mainstream media and Hollywood. They need to choose someone who can be fair and balanced and really knows her job description “moderator”!


  3. I was kind of stunned at times by the extremely aggressive questioning of Ryan. I remember the “does that math really add up” questioning and was just in awe; she never asked Biden a single difficult question, and she just let him interrupt anytime he wanted to. Both Ryan and Biden went over their time, but she only interrupted Ryan when this happened. Biden could finish his thoughts.

    I didn’t watch the Presidential debate, so I can’t comment, but this moderator was anything but “moderate”, and I can safely disregard entire news websites now based on how much they totally mutilate the reality of what happened last night with praise for the moderator.


  4. Poor Ryan – bullied by an old man and an old lady, we should definitely vote for someone like that for V.P….

    Snark aside, it’s the VP debate – who cares anyways. Very few people make their choice based on the VP, McCain being the most recent notable exception. I wanted to vote for McCain over Obama – he was a huge budget hawk and I believed we needed that. What we didn’t need was a nut-job (Palin) one heart-attack away (McCain is old) from the presidency.

    Now, having watched most of the debate, I was surprised at the level of complaining from the foxnews correspondents afterwards. Yes, Biden was aggressive. It was his job to be – this is not an academic debate on philosophy – it is politics and the desired outcome of the debate is not to decide whose stated position is right, but rather who would be the better choice for that office. If we chose based on position, none of those running would be the best fit.


    1. We have a nutjob right now one heart-beat away from the presidency. A nutjob who is okay with China’s one-child forced abortions. A man who, logically, would support slavery even if he personally opposed it (he said he would support abortion, even though he personally opposed it; both deal with human rights).

      The fact is, Biden interrupted Ryan nearly every time he spoke, and Ryan did not interrupt Biden. The moderator interrupted Ryan several times. She never interrupted Biden. I watched nearly the entire debate, and it was plain as day that Biden was not moderated one iota, while Ryan was. It was a terrible debate for that reason alone. I didn’t watch the presidential debate and can’t comment on it, but this was awful.


      1. I have to admit I don’t know as much as I probably should about Biden, but I’ve seen nothing that indicates he’s a nutjob. Your association of slavery and abortion is pure rhetoric at best originating solely from your view of religion – nothing more.

        Your second paragraph doesn’t counter the argument in my third paragraph – this isn’t a friendly academic debate – this is better framed as a job interview. Biden knew what he was after and he did a great job accomplishing his goals. If people wanted to better know/understand what the candidates views are, 2 – 3 minute high-level talking points on enormously complex issues days to weeks after voting has already started is not going to achieve that. This was purely a dog and pony show, nothing else.


  5. Thank you for linking to my comments- I’m no professional media outlet, just someone who teaches government for a living to the next generation and I glad that my thoughts resonated with you.

    That being said, my students savaged Biden and the debate moderator today when we talked about the debate. I defended Biden as best I could (it’s my job to challenge them and make them think), but they made two points that were very worthwhile-

    1. Joe Biden was not Presidential- he may have been an effective attack dog, but there is no way anyone should feel comfortable with him one heartbeat away from the office of commander-in-chief.

    2. Joe Biden was a phony. He was fake aggressive- someone is telling Biden and Obama how to pretend to be President and vice-President, and the difference is stunning compared to people like Romney and Ryan who don’t have to fake it.


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