Chicago teacher strike: average pay $71K, 80% of 8th graders not proficient at math

CBS News reports:

Thousands of teachers, parents and supporters marched through downtown Chicago on the first day of a school strike.

The crowd Monday afternoon stretched for several blocks and was expected to swell through the early evening and into the city’s rush hour. Some protesters carried signs that said “Chicago Teachers United” and “Fair Contract Now.” Others waved red pom-poms and chanted. Earlier in the day, thousands of teachers picketed around neighborhood schools.

[…]The city’s public school teachers make an average of $71,000 a year. Both sides said they were close to an agreement on wages. What apparently remains are issues involving teacher performance and accountability, which the union saw as a threat to job security.

They don’t want to be held accountable for failing to provide outcomes for their customers, the children.

Why do you think they might fear being held accountable? Are they doing a poor job of teaching? Is that why they fear being accountable? Let’s see.

CNS News explains:

Chicago public school teachers went on strike on Monday and one of the major issues behind the strike is a new system Chicago plans to use for evaluating public school teachers in which student improvement on standardized tests will count for 40 percent of a teacher’s evaluation. Until now, the evaluations of Chicago public school teachers have been based on what a Chicago Sun Times editorial called a “meaningless checklist.”

[…]In 2011, the U.S. Department of Education administered National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) tests in reading and math to students around the country, including in the Chicago Public Schools. The tests were scored on a scale of 0 to 500, with 500 being the best possible score. Based on their scores, the U.S. Department of Education rated students’ skills in reading and math as either “below basic,” “basic,” “proficient” or “advanced.”

[…]79 percent of Chicago public school 8th graders were not grade-level proficient in reading. According to the U.S. Department of Education, this included 43 percent who rated “basic” and 36 percent who rated “below basic.”

[…]80 percent of Chicago public school 8th graders were not grade-level proficient in math. According to the U.S. Department of Education, this included 40 percent who rated “basic” in math and 40 percent who rated “below basic.”

Fire them all. Abolish the federal Department of Education. Make teacher unions illegal.

Education policy tutorial videos:

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9 thoughts on “Chicago teacher strike: average pay $71K, 80% of 8th graders not proficient at math”

  1. As a teacher, I TOTALLY agree with you on the no accountability thing. It’s ridiculous and I would be fine getting rid of teacher unions

    …that being said…

    It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest teacher in the world in front of the class…if the kids are not motivated (and most of them have to be motivated by discipline at home) nothing is going to work.


    1. We agree completely. The parents have to be involved. The thing is, the left also embraces policies like sex education and no-fault divorce that ensure that children will be raised by strangers instead of by their parents. But I agree with your point about parents. Too much focus on making money, a lot of the time.


      1. Well of course…the elitist liberals believe, and have for a century now, that us dumb masses don’t know how to raise a child. Best leave it to the experts, teachers and psychologists.


  2. This just doesn’t make any sense. Democrats love unions and Chicago has as it’s mayor a Democrat of Democrats. There’s more to this, and I smell politics and presidential campaigns.


  3. The average being $71K doesn’t really say much – median is a more useful determinant of whether those teachers are really overpaid. The pay distribution could very well be left-skewed and low median but shows a high average due to union fat-cats. In which case, the problem isn’t with the idea of having unions per se (to paraphrase Francis Schaeffer, one of failures of Christianity was to fail to push for compassionate use of accumulated wealth) – it is with the management of unions itself.


  4. The newspaper reproted that 80% of 8th graders in the Chicago public school system are not at proficient level in math, and the teachers are at fault. However, the newspaper did not report these students’ attendance or behavior in school. It did not reprot how many parents attended parent/teacher conference or was in contact with their child’s teacher on daily or weekly base. If the newspaper is going to reprot the failure of the teacher, than it would be fair to report the failure of the parents and students too.
    Remember it takes a team of three to successful educate a child.


    1. If it takes a team of three, then why don’t the teachers pay the parents $71,000 a year too? That way they can both be responsible.

      Furthermore, as I mentioned before, unions are radical leftists who undermine the family with their leftist anti-family ideologies. They are social liberals who push irresponsible sex, sex education, feminism and gay marriage. Let them deal with the breakdown of the family and the fatherlessness they caused. I want them all fired for failing to educate the unruly children that their voting and political activism made.


  5. I also agree, abolish the Fed Ed folks….what does some stuffy suit person know about a child in rural Kentucky or downtown Phoenix?

    Oh and the Chicago teacher’s salary schedule is online. From what I gather, even new teachers make $50k.

    But on the flip side, I am a former teacher. If you do your job, I mean really do your job, put children and their education first and work your darndest to ensure their success, it is a very very hard job, worth that $50k for 180 days of work. Although I also think we need a longer school year, but with education as broken as it is, more does not equal better.

    Because the students, on average, do so poorly, isn’t it pertinent that they be getting an education this week? Not staying at home? I’m more than willing to go in and teach, be a “scab” but I’m too far away and qualified in my state but not IL to teach…as you must be a resident of Chi-town to teach there. Oh! They are photographing anyone trying to cross the picket lines, trying to slander teachers with a heart. Nice job folks.


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