Congressional report: abstinence education is the best form of sex education

Life News reports:

The House Energy & Commerce Health Subcommittee released a report on Friday entitled A Better Approach to Teenage Pregnancy Prevention: Sexual Risk Avoidance. The report makes it clear that abstinence education is the best approach when it comes to the different approaches for teaching sex education to teenagers.

The report examined the theory and the evidence behind both Sexual Risk Avoidance Abstinence Education and Sexual Risk Reduction, or so-called Comprehensive” Sex Education and concluded that abstinence education is the superior approach and one that deserves policy priority.

“America’s teens need guidance to protect them from the consequences of risky sexual behavior. Unfortunately, the current course of national policy on teenage pregnancy prevention is undermining the desired health outcome,” the report says. “Careful examination of research confirms that a value-neutral and risk reduction approach to sexual behavior is not consistent with teenage behavioral theory and not effective in impacting America’s high rates of teenage pregnancy and STIs.”

The report goes on to recommend that abstinence education: “is a better approach, because it is built on sound theory and empirical evidence.”

Valerie Huber, executive director of the National Abstinence Education Association, applauded the report and its findings.

“We applaud the leadership of Rep. Pitts to correct current sex education policy by reestablishing a priority on the SRA abstinence education approach based on the evidence of effectiveness,” she said. The findings of this report reinforce the value of the Abstinence Education Reallocation Act, which will implement many of the policy changes suggested in the congressional report.”

The new report comes on the heels of a recently released NAEA, study that reached similar conclusions. But Huber says the Congressional Report is significant because it was released by the subcommittee which has jurisdiction over the nation’s sex education policies and provides a hopeful sign that Congress will work to correct the current federal sex education policy in the next session.

Other studies have shows that abstaining from sex before marriage, and even limiting the number of partners, helps marriages to be more stable and also more intimate.

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3 thoughts on “Congressional report: abstinence education is the best form of sex education”

  1. When I became a teenager and my mom was giving me advice, those were the things she told me. You don’t want to get pregnant without a husband with all the hardships it’ll bring. You don’t want to get AIDS or some other STD. The best way to do this is to not have sex. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be, anyway. etc. etc. I don’t remember her even quoting the Bible. The books we read at school told stories of girls who had gotten boyfriends who told them how much they them, etc. until they got pregnant and died from illegal abortions or AIDS. The government put up billboards saying “AIDS IS REAL”. “ABSTINENCE IS THE BEST METHOD” “REMAIN FAITHFUL TO ONE PARTNER” etc.

    But when I came to the US, I wouldn’t even guess there was something called AIDS or that condoms are risky. Needless to say, being there has made me a lot prouder of my country.


    1. There are many things wrong with the USA. There is a group that performs abortion for profit called “Planned Parenthood” and they lobby the government to put more sex education in the schools so that everyone thinks that sex is recreational and normal.


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