NHS spends £1 million a week on repeat abortions

From the UK Telegraph. (H/T Dina)


According to statistics, thousands of women are using the service to terminate unwanted foetuses; in some cases up to nine times.

The abortions are understood to cost up to £1,000 every time, with five out of every six repeat terminations being requested by a woman who is unmarried.

In 2010, 189,000 terminations took place, with more than 64,000 of them being performed on someone who had already undergone the procedure.

The statistics, revealed by the Department of Health in response to a Parliamentary question entered by Diane Abbott MP, have led some critics to accuse women of using the procedure as a form of contraception.

Josephine Quintavalle, from the Pro-Life Alliance, told the Daily Mail: ‘The number of repeat abortions is simply extraordinary.

“Abortion is an unpleasant and harrowing experience for women and to hear it is happening repeatedly makes your hair stand on end.

“These figures show that sadly, abortion is being seen by many as a form of contraception.

“But is this surprising when we live in a society which says it’s all right to have an abortion once.

“If it’s fine once, why not two, three or four times.”

It is understood repeat abortions currently account for around a thirds of all terminations.

The figures showed the majority of repeat abortions happened in London, with more than half of all of the procedures performed in Croydon being on women for the second time or more.

Around 9,500 women across the country were married, with a further 50,000 being single or living with a partner. In 2010, 85 women had an abortion for the eighth time.

In the UK, schools teach sex education to 5 year olds. So they have quite naturally had an explosion in the number of abortions, as well as the number of out-of-wedlock births.

The UK has generous welfare benefits for single mothers who have children out of wedlock.


Single mother Tracey Turner, 26… currently receives £136.50 a week in benefits, which includes £42.50 income support and £94 child tax credit.

On top of this, her local council pays all of her £161-a-week rent and gives her a hefty discount on local rates.

A British pound is worth about $1.60 USD. 300 pounds a week x 52 weeks = 15500 pounds = about $25000 USD per year in benefits, not including the “hefty discount on local rates”. Local rates = local tax rates. This is not counting any other welfare programs that might be offered to those who choose to be sexually active before they have gotten a man to commit to provide for them for life. Why be accountable to a man when you can get free abortions and/or free welfare checks? Just pick the one you like best – who cares if can provide or not, as long as he’s good looking and fun. What could go wrong?

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3 thoughts on “NHS spends £1 million a week on repeat abortions”

    1. There is a huge effort by Republicans here to cut off funding for abortions. We believe that the quickest way to reduce the number of abortions and change the way that people make decisions to have sex is by stopping the flow of money. Abortion is a business, and when you force consumers to choose between sexual irresponsibility and other valuable goods and services, they will take the valuable goods and services and start controlling themselves to avoid having to pay for abortions.


  1. Abortion has always been seen by many as a form of abortion. When I was a student nurse in the late 70s abortion had strict limitations, but we all got fed up with women coming in for the third or forth time, claiming to have been raped.

    As for the benefits system, even if they are married, there aren’t that many jobs going round at the moment. One of my daughters has work, her husband can’t get work, the other daughter can’t get work, and my son and his wife can’t get work. They’re not lazy, they do try, job centre every week and looking on notice boards for adverts etc. A lot of my friends also can’t get work. I have many who have always worked, but now, because of the recession have lost their jobs and can’t get more work, because it just isn’t there. Some work through agencies, but this work is often only temporary, maybe for a week or two.

    You really do seem to be doing your best to go by one article and talking about the UK system as if you’re an expert. I know from friends in America some of the system there, but wouldn’t assume to talk as if I know it all.


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