New study: Gorilla genome calls common ancestry thesis into question

ECM sent me this must-read article from Evolution News.


A whopping 30% of the gorilla genome — amounting to hundreds of millions of base pairs of gorilla DNA — contradicts the standard supposed evolutionary phylogeny of great apes and humans. That’s the big news revealed last week with the publication of the sequence of the full gorilla genome.

[…]The standard evolutionary phylogeny of primates holds that humans and chimps are more closely related to one-another than to other great apes like gorillas. In practice, all that really means is that when we sequence human, chimp, and gorilla genes, human and chimp genes have a DNA sequence that is more similar to one-another’s genes than to the gorilla’s genes. But huge portions of the gorilla genome contradict that nice, neat tidy phylogeny. That’s because these gorilla genes are more similar to the human or chimp version than the human or chimp versions are to one-another. In fact, it seems that some 30% of the gorilla genome contradicts the standard primate phylogeny in this manner.

[…]The bottom line is that the gorilla genome has confirmed that there is not a consistent story of common ancestry coming from the genomes of the great apes and humans. Hundreds of millions of base pairs in the gorilla genome conflict with the supposed phylogeny of great apes and humans. They might think their explanation salvages common ancestry, but clearly the gorilla genome data badly messes up the supposedly nice, neat, tidy arguments which they use to claim humans are related to the great-apes.

Read the whole thing to see how the Darwinists wiggle and squirm to avoid the implications of the data.

We have to form our beliefs about origins based on scientific evidence, not based on philosophical assumptions. It does not good at all to assume materialism and then determine in advance that some sort of physical process must be responsible for the diversity of life. We have to eschew philosophical assumptions and led the scientific experiments determine our conclusions. Experiments are good, naturalistic religious dogma is bad.

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