Heroic Christian woman sacrifices her life to save her unborn child

Jessica Council
Jessica Council

From Life Site News. (H/T Mary)


In August of last year Jessica Council – a beautiful, 30-year-old mother of one – noticed that she had a sore throat. At around the same time, she also began to suspect that she was pregnant.

When after two weeks the sore throat had not gone away, Jessica decided to have it checked out. Her doctor told her that it was probably a thyroid goiter, and ultimately nothing to be too concerned about. Just to be sure, however, he had a test done, which he said confirmed his initial suspicions. Everything would be ok, he said.

But everything was not ok. The doctor had misread the test.

Around November 15th, Jessica began having trouble breathing. On November 21st she landed in the emergency room. Then, on November 22nd, her throat closed up so tightly that she could not breathe, at which point doctors managed to insert a tube down her throat, and put her on a ventilator.

The following day, November 23rd, Jessica was informed that she had cancer. By then, she also knew for certain that she was with child.

Thus began a journey that would put the faith and pro-life convictions of Jessica and her husband, Clint, to the ultimate test.

[…]Clint describes his wife’s reaction to the news of the cancer in her throat as “a mixture of fear and surprise.” As for himself, he says he felt “just every emotion you can think of … except for joy. I was a basket case.”

But, of course, Jessica wasn’t the only one threatened by the cancer: she was pregnant, and any treatments she underwent would almost certainly harm, and possibly even kill her unborn child.

On November 25th, the hospital’s OB/GYN offered the couple an abortion. Clint says Jessica never hesitated. “That was never an option,” he said. “That is black and white.”

Read the whole thing for the rest of the story. I think this about as heroic as a person can be.

UPDATE: Wes also sent me this story of a 9-year old boy who saved his 2-year old sister’s life… using CPR!

5 thoughts on “Heroic Christian woman sacrifices her life to save her unborn child”

  1. When arguments on the subject of abortion arise, the one exception for me that is without question is to save the life of the mother if the pregnancy is somehow that threatening. (In this case it wasn’t the pregnancy, but she was faced with the exact same choice.)

    So when I actually consider such a scenario, I hope that a woman in that situation would have the strength to risk her life, all the while wondering if I would. Or what if it was MY wife? How would I feel then? Would I hope she’d save herself or take the chance that God would help us through whatever results from the decision to spare the child?

    I have no doubt this woman is in heaven. May God bless her and give strength and comfort to her husband and their two children.


    1. Yes, my pro-life view does not require the mother to give up her life for her child. That would be too much to ask!

      When I read about a woman like this, it makes sense to me that men should marry and take care of them as they do good things.


  2. This is an incredible story. It would have been so easy for her to give into her doctors, and the lies we all here about unborn children not being truly human – her courage is so admirable.


  3. Wow. How sad for her husband, her newborn and her other child.

    As for “giving in” to her doctors, what makes you think that offering her the option of treatment is tantamount to “lies we all hear about unborn children not being truly human”? Doctors have an obligation to treat their patients. Sounds like that is what they were doing, what they trained to do, what they are ethically obligated to do, and what they in fact did by not treating her, as she wished.


    1. I phrased that very poorly. I apologize.

      I meant it would have been so easy for her to accept the treatment for her cancer, thinking just of herself and not of her child.

      And ‘lies we all hear about unborn children not being truly human’ was a separate point, I wasn’t referring to the doctors. But even for someone who was adamantly pro-life, it would have been very easy for her to start accepting the lies of the ‘pro-choice’ industry.


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