Stephanie Gray totally embarasses pro-abortion university professor in debate

This clip made me laugh out loud.

I wish they had taped the whole thing.

I was reading Thomas Sowell’s “Intellectuals and Society” on the weekend, and he says that left-wing intellectuals adopt their views not because of evidence or because of the desire for good results, but because of their need to be celebrated and lauded by their colleagues for having the “right” ideas. In short, what people learn at the university (in non-experimental/non-engineering fields) is to spout the same opinions as their professors. The professors find no value in exposing their charges to opposing views, because their goal is not to make them think but to make them conform. When left-wing professors like Christina Romer are actually given control of something in the real world, they fail, and then they must retreat back to Berkeley to teach – because they’ve never learned to think critically, or to debate their ideas with their opponents using actual evidence.

What you see in the video is the result of this educational methodology. This man has likely never been exposed to pro-life views in his entire academic career. All of his professors agreed on abortion and taught him their views. All the professors he has ever known agreed with those same views. All the students he has taught, having paid their money up front and desiring good grades, agreed with his views. Stephanie is probably the first person in his entire academic career who ever stood up to him. This is the problem with people on the secular left. They can’t even define the positions of their opponents without resorting to lies, caricatures or ad hominems. They’ve never read any academic work by their opponents – they may even deny that such work exists. And they certainly don’t know anyone personally who disagrees with them. They find it difficult to even stand still long enough to listen to anyone who has a different view.

Last week I wrote about the teacher who hadn’t published any recent experimental science publications, who nevertheless wanted to grade students in her class down just for offering scientific evidence that disagreed with her prior religious commitment to materialism. That’s standard in the university (in non-experimental, non-engineering fields). Students are expected to repeat the professor’s ideology, and then get an A. That what students are paying for – to imitate the action of the parrot. This is where abortion, global warming, same-sex marriage, Marxism, the multiverse and directed panspermia came from. It’s not something they’ve thought through – they just believe it. You can even have 25 year-old students leading the effort to publish IPCC reports for the U.N. – as long as the student has the gift of parroting, then she is qualified to guide the economic decisions of nations.

I’m sure that Stephanie Gray would be graded down in the professor’s class for disagreeing with him. Assuming she could be admitted to the university at all with her scandalous views. Pro-lifers are regularly banned from forming clubs on university campuses. Lectures by pro-lifers are regularly shut down by violent pro-abortion protesters. Debates featuring pro-life scholars like Stephanie are regularly shut down by violent pro-abortion protesters. And on some particularly close-minded, fascistic campuses like Carleton University, pro-life debaters are arrested by policemen armed with firearms.

That’s liberal tolerance. That’s the open-minded freedom of inquiry of the secular left.

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4 thoughts on “Stephanie Gray totally embarasses pro-abortion university professor in debate”

  1. This is beautiful, Wintery. I especially like your bit about being able to define an opponent’s views without resorting to underhanded rhetorical tricks. This is why I like reading your blog, caustic as you may be sometimes. Keep it up!


  2. Wow. That professor is insane.

    He reminds me of many people that I have known who believe that sticking to their viewpoint and out-talking the opposition is a “win” in any disagreement. Not being correct, or thinking about the arguments, but being tenacious and preferably well-spoken.

    “Ummm… Because homosexuals are very useful in the arts community…” Now THAT response made me laugh out loud! :)


  3. She owned him. I find his views disgusting, though I applaud him for being consistent. It makes the difference between the two worldviews totally transparent.


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