Student groups in Canada and the United States seek talented writers

The first new organization is called the Student Apologetics Alliance.

I found this on their Facebook page:

March 5th, 2011
We are a coalition of Christian student apologists from around the Internet.
The Student Apologetics Alliance was organized for the purpose of bringing together apologetically oriented students who were scattered across the world wide web. Through the combined efforts of like-minded thinkers, its mission is to create a powerful network that advances the collective efforts of its members to “defend the hope that is within us.” (1 Peter 3:15)
To create a powerful network that advances the collective efforts of its members to “defend the hope that is within us.” (1 Peter 3:15)

You can like their page on Facebook.

I went to their web site and found some interesting posts:

It looks like they have a number of students writing for them already, and they are looking for more! So, if you are a student, or you know someone who is a student, you should definitely send them the link to the Student Apologetics Alliance web site. And bookmark it!

My favorite article so far is the “Love is not all you need” one, because it shows that they will be tackling more than just philosophy. I really think Christian apologetics needs to branch out to address all the factors that cause people to turn away from Christianity. The disintegration of the traditional family is a huge factor – and these guys are talking about it.

And in Canada, conservative student writers are needed

My friend Miss Marprelate, who lives in Canada, sent me a note about her new job with a student newspaper in Canada.

She writes:

Conservative students and groups often complain about being treated inequitably on campus, or feeling like they are all alone in their convictions. The Prince Arthur Herald, Canada’s only center-right national student newspaper, aims to change that by giving conservative students a voice and community that will respect their opinions and stand up for their rights, along with the rights of all Canadians.

Started by a group of predominately McGill students, The PAH in less than two months of operation has received tens of thousands of hits from across Canada. As a result, the editors have decided that a nationally-read newspaper deserves to be written by students from across the nation. As an Ontario Desk Editor, I am recruiting students who are interested in writing articles on politics, current events, campus politics, or other issues that affect conservative students.

Those who control the message, control the debate. Without a friendly media presence that values excellence in communications while addressing the hard issues of our day, conservative students will continue to struggle to be heard and respected on campus.

This is a crucial venture, committed to supporting and nurturing the next generation of Canadian conservatives, while providing valuable media experience for students who may one day become conservative journalists, aides, or politicians.


Rebekah Hebbert
Ontario Desk Editor,
The Prince Arthur Herald

So, if any of you are students up in Canada, consider sending her a submission.

5 thoughts on “Student groups in Canada and the United States seek talented writers”

  1. “Started by a group of predominately McGill students”

    I think you just provided irrefutable evidence for the existence of God :p McGill is one of the last places on the planet I would have thought would produce a conservative newspaper!


    1. Actually they have Margaret Somerville, Douglas Farrow, Catherine Young and Paul Nathanson.

      It’s a great school for fair and balanced social studies. They have a rep. Just like the University of Virginia and the National Marriage Project, and the Institute for American Values.


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