Greg Koukl takes on pro-abortion caller to his radio show

This was sent to me by my friend Robb. The caller asks Greg whether he has ever taken in any foster children, since he is pro-life. She apparently thinks that Greg cannot be pro-life unless Greg is willing to adopt every crisis pregnancy child who is allowed to be born.

This is the greatest amount of ass-kicking that has ever been accomplished in 10 minutes. I have never heard Greg Koukl lose his temper, but he is clearly a little annoyed with the caller.

8 thoughts on “Greg Koukl takes on pro-abortion caller to his radio show”

  1. Apparently the woman simply feels that killing the child is far better than allowing it to live and perhaps overcome whatever difficulties it meets by being born. What a sad case.


  2. I remember this call when it was originally on the show. She thought she was going to be able to blast Koukl on not doing anything for the children after they are born, but was unpreparedly mistaken. How quickly she goes on tangents.


  3. I remember watching this a few months back, it’s such a great video about how to deal with objections on abortion. She was obviously never going to be convinced but it’s the undecided people at home listening in that is purpose of dealing with the phone call. And I have to say I can’t see them thinking her’s was a good objection after he had dealt with it!


  4. WK,
    Great post! I’ve used this audio clip in a class I teach on apologetics to high school students. It demonstrates so many things especially that some people enjoy moving the goal posts in a conversation and don’t really want a logical answer. Greg kept his cool though for the most part which is admirable.


  5. This is really good! He handled it so well – he did a great job of staying on topic and dealing with her statements one at a time before allowing her to move on, although she kept trying to change her point and throw out a new “gotcha!” statement if he was answering the first one too well. I could use some lessons from that guy. :)


  6. It would’ve been informative if Koukl had posed these questions to her:
    “So what income level does a single woman need to have attained before her pregnancy is allowed to continue?”
    “Do you recommend abortion to women who don’t have access to crisis care and who will be economically effected by a baby?”
    “Does the income level of your parent determine whether or not you should be born?”
    In the caller’s world it seems a pregnancy should not be allowed to continue until every future contingency is accounted for.


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