Do public schools undermine the parent-child relationship?

Robert Stacy McCain linked to this article on Big Government.


“I could never home-school.  I would probably kill my kid by Wednesday, if I had to spend the entire day with him, every day!”

Typical fare for the teenager-parent relationship?  Unfortunately, yes.  But ironically, the individuals making these pronouncements are often the ideal candidates for home schooling.  Possibly the worstthing frustrated parents can do is send their aloof, argumentative children away (to school.) In any other setting, dropping them off somewhere, for someone else to deal with, would be deemed giving up on the relationship.  (This is the way children likely perceive the slight as well – they aren’t stupid, you know.)

If the parents cannot stand to spend time with their own child, how will he ever feel loved?  But parents are so blinded by school’s beacon; they shield their eyes and shove the child into the wolves’ den.  (It is no wonder he returns home behaving like a wild animal.)

What children learn in school

Parents wonder where their relationship with their teen went wrong.  Answer: Their influence was all but eclipsed the moment the child crossed the school threshold.  It’s that simple.

Each day a young child goes to school, he learns (way too early,) that his parents don’t know everything.  School reinforces this point by teaching the little ones to instruct their parents. “Tell Mommy not to pack plastic sandwich bags in your lunch – that kills the dolphins!”  Mommy kills dolphins!

He makes friends with other kids whose parents also slaughter innocent animals. He joins his peers, learns to challenge authority, then comes home and asserts himself.  The parent thinks, “Well, that’s probably a good thing, because he is learning to be self-confident and capable.”

But a good parent has a sneaking suspicion that it isn’t quite right.

And there was an interesting comment at McCain’s blog:

[Homeschooling is] a choice. We do not have lavish vacations, drive expensive cars, etc. All the toys the world screams that you must have … we chose not to have. Nor do we chase careers. We believe that preventing atheistic and Marxist indoctrination in our children and ensuring they are educated is more important than the things of this world.


My 12 year old reads on a college level.
My 14 year old loves algebra.
My 8 year old can hold converstions with adults, on or above their level.

My kids:

– Have never spent a day in public indoctrination
– Love their teachers
– Enjoy reading books
– Aren’t concerned with pop culture
– Learn fiream safety and do not sit all day in gun free zones

I am not seeking to send my children to some Ivy League school, but each of my children excels. The current problem I face is that my home is turning into a library. If any of my children attended a public school, they would be immediately suspended for independent thought.

This may sound harsh to some (I really don’t care), but moreover, God instructs us that we are responsible for our children’s education. My wife and I choose to follow God’s word.

I’m not so sure that the government will look kindly on parents teaching their kids firearms – that’s just the kind of thing the nanny state frowns on, and just the kind of thing they like to stamp out – because what can parents know about parenting compared to bureaucrats?

I don’t think that the private schools would do this as much, since they actually have to please the parents in order to get paid. See the difference between public and private schools?

One thought on “Do public schools undermine the parent-child relationship?”

  1. In cultures where children don’t go to school, the concept of adolescence is unknown. Homeschooled kids don’t live in constant antagonism with their parents because they have been “domesticated”. We all have our moments, but as the Bible instructs us in raising children, if we are with them when we get up, while we walk in the way, and when we lay down (Deut 6), the results cannot be argued with. Separating children from parents is always the goal of the totalitarian going back to the ancient world. Our modern school system was set up by central planners paid by the industrialists to replace family loyalty with corporate/state loyalty. Read the free, online book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America to see the quotes where these planners call the family a disease.


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