Miss Marprelate compares Canada to the rest of the world

Miss Marprelate writing

Her latest post is here and it’s funny.


I found this cute little map online, it tells you all the “International Number Ones: Because Every Country is Good at Something”. Now I was going to post this as a little politically incorrect satirical joke, until I discovered that it was true…. But leaving all the politically incorrect bits aside (as I know my readers won’t when they follow the link) do you want to know what Canada’s number one is? Fruit juice consumption! I mean really how, utterly bland, effeminate (I speak as a woman), and just generally Canadian blah is that? It sounds like something a PSA would celebrate. For the record we are also number one in oats consumption (something my parents dutifully support every morning, did I mention that I hate oatmeal?), are half as fat as the States, and have the lowest daily smoking rate. Alright already, we’ve settled the fact that we are health freaks. (And no dear children I do not support that nasty, dangerous habit of smoking, it makes your hair smell and then you have to have lots of baths where the water gets in your eyes so never, ever do it)

Read the rest here. It’s Friday!

8 thoughts on “Miss Marprelate compares Canada to the rest of the world”

  1. Brilliant! :D Someone mentioned this list to me too. Could do worse than fruit juice drinking. My country has the dubious distinction of being best at assault…


        1. My best friend and his wife lived in Hamilton for 2 years and only moved back to Manitoba last November. He mentioned the obesity in that city is just crazy.


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