How to take an incremental approach to the abortion problem

Story here at SoCon or Bust. (H/T Miss Marprelate)


1) Gendercide Abortions – Sex-selection abortions, where an abortion is procured for the sole reason of eliminating the unborn child based on the sex of the child.

2) Parental Consent – Laws which require parental notification or consent before a minor obtains an abortion.

3) Informed Consent – Informed consent is also a very reasonable and palatable restriction on abortion.

4) Forced/Coerced Abortion – Many abortions are done so through coercion of boyfriends, husbands and other family members.

5) Unborn Victims of Crime – When an aggressor becomes violent resulting in the death or harm to both the mother and unborn child.

6) Decapitation Abortions – Restricting the crueler methods of abortion, like partial-birth abortion.

7) Fetal Pain – Unborn children do indeed feel intense pain during an abortion. (This worked in Nebraska!)

8 ) Tax Payer Funding – Prevent taxpayers from funding abortions – could draw some traditional-minded libertarians to the cause.

9) Freedom – The western world today is undergoing a massive depopulation which is threatening the fundamental values of western civilization, as Islamic expansionism overruns Europe and, in the future, North America.

10) Economic Collapse –  The reports concerning the economic collapse of the West are also linked to a shrinking population.

Incrementalism is the way to do it! One thing I don’t like about social conservatives, although I am one, is the way that they do not link fiscal conservatism to their social conservatism. But SoCon’s list does link to the fiscal issues.

I’d like to see more ultrasound machines bought by rank-and-file pro-lifers for crisis pregnancy centers. That should be added to the list.

UPDATE: A mysterious e-mailer sends word that federalism would also be a good thing to encourage, as an incremental measure. Allow states more autonomy to restrict abortion as they see fit. Some states like South Dakota and Oklahoma would pass some excellent measures, for sure. The original list is from a Canadian, so that may explain why it is not on the list. They typically favor a strong central government.

My previous post on abortion is here.

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