John Stossel explains how environmentalism kills millions of people

Here’s the news report from Fox News. (H/T The Blog Prof via ECM)

The Blog Prof explains:

Liberalism is deadly. Since the DDT ban in the early 1970’s, the death toll has been on a genocidal scale. An estimated 20 million children alone have died from malaria, a disease that was nearly eradicated because of DDT, but which rebounded after the ban which was based on junk science. It has been a crime against humanity in the literal sense. To this day, there is no scientific basis for banning DDT. It has cost more lives than those lost in World War II.

Newsflash! The great moral accomplishment of the “new” godless moralities in the last 150 years has been to murder 100 million people. And this is not counting the 40+ million deaths caused by abortion in the US alone. It also doesn’t count the millions of broken homes caused by the sexual revolution, or the social costs of raising children without fathers who go on to commit crimes.

All of these fashionable -isms were touted as being able to produce heaven on earth and feelings of self-esteem without the traditional virtues of hard work, personal responsibility, chastity and sobriety. Has it worked? Can we ask that finally?

6 thoughts on “John Stossel explains how environmentalism kills millions of people”

  1. Environmentalism is a religion in which it is very easy to be righteous. You buy a “green” shopping bag that flaunts its greenness for all to see, then buy carbon offsets, put a bumper sticker on your car to let everyone know, and, voila, you’re in.

    Imagine if Christians went around with bumper stickers “Being faithful to my wife”; “Not stealing”, “Waiting until marriage”, etc.

    What is it about the environmental religion that causes a person to have to flaunt it?

    Note: This post is made of 100% recycled, earth-friendly ideas. Please try to avoid breathing out while reading.


  2. Question.

    Was it DDT that was killing the birds or am I confusing it with something else.

    We, here in the midwest, are just beginning to see bluebirds again. In fact, the first time I saw one, I didn’t know what it was. I thought it was some exotic bird that had escaped its cage. My mother-in-law (WWII generation) had to tell me what it was. It was that beautiful. It made blue jays look faded out.

    Some chemical nearly wiped them out. I thought it was DDT.

    Does anyone know?


  3. Perhaps the DDT killed the insects that bluebirds fed upon.

    Click to access mountainbluebird.pdf

    Use your “Find” function to find references to DDT.


    The prevalence of insects in the diet of mountain bluebirds makes the species susceptible to the effects of insecticides like DDT. Lane and Bauman (1970) reported direct mortality of nestling mountain bluebirds in Manitoba as a result of pesticide applications. Aerial application of DDT in the nesting areas of mountain bluebirds in Oregon had no apparent effects on mountain bluebird reproductive success (Thomas and McCluskey 1974, McCluskey et al. 1977), but it did result in high levels of DDT residues in eggs one year after spraying (Henny et al.


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