IRS slaps ACORN with $548,000 tax lien for unpaid payroll tax

Story from the Washington Examiner. (H/T ECM)


The Pelican Institute’s Steve Beatty reports that the federal government just filed a new $548,000 lien against ACORN for unpaid payroll taxes. This comes at the same time as Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell investigates the group for unpaid state payroll taxes.

According to Beatty, his adds to the existing tax debt of more than $1 million.

Why are all Democrats tax cheats? They keep voting for higher and higher taxes for their productive neighbors to pay for social programs and grants, but they don’t want to pay into the system themselves. We are talking about people who have nothing but contempt for the law here.


3 thoughts on “IRS slaps ACORN with $548,000 tax lien for unpaid payroll tax”

  1. Why do you think they should pay their taxes? The people they support and the ones who keep them in power dont? Look at the chairman of the Ways and Means committee and several of the cabinet members, and various congressmen speaking out about the atrocities of the banking industry and Wall Street- they don’t pay either! Why are we paying and suffering? So they can shirk their duties as an American citizen? Yes, I think so. They are also the very people that are trying to enact laws that give illegal aliens the same privileges. It is time to stop this and take back our country from the ones who are taking advantage of the very foundation that made us what we are! It makes you wonder how they got elected and keep their office in our government. Wake up and let’s nominate some good men and women that deserve to represent us and the greatest country on earth! It’s like nominating criminals to make the rules for us to follow! What do you think will happen when we do that? It’s a joke to them and we are the ones paying for it!


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