MUST-SEE: Caught on tape: Obama committed to universal health care in 2007!

Found on Newsbusters via Granite Grok, sent to me by the indomitable ECM. (Lots of comments on Hot Air)


Newsbusters writes:

As President Obama repeatedly tells America that his plan for healthcare reform will not lead to the elimination of private health insurance, statements he made in 2007 and 2003 tell a different story altogether.

In shocking video uncovered by our good friends at Naked Emperor News, Obama, speaking at the SEIU Health Care Forum on March 24, 2007, said, “My commitment is to make sure that we have universal healthcare for all Americans by the end of my first term as President.”

I would hope that we set up a system that allows those who can go through their employer to access a federal system or a state pool of some sort. But I don’t think we’re going to be able to eliminate employer coverage immediately. There’s going to potentially some transition process. I can envision a decade out or fifteen years out or 20 out.

The video also features clips of other Democrats advocating for universal, government-run, single-payer health care.

If only the left-wing media had done its job – instead of talking about Sarah Palin’s clothes for 8 weeks – we would have found out about this before the election.

UPDATE: Over in the left-wing stronghold of Oregon, Stop the ACLU (via ECM) reports that a patient can have funding for an assisted suicide, but no funding for actual medical care!

UPDATE: Meanwhile, the natives are getting restless. (H/T ECM)

9 thoughts on “MUST-SEE: Caught on tape: Obama committed to universal health care in 2007!”

  1. Why are the people at the townhalls so rude? Can’t they engage in civil discussion?

    The “stop the ACLU” post is a complete misrepresentation of the story. Barbara Wagner was provided with thousands of dollars of chemotherapy and treatment by the OHP. The plan would not pay for an experimental drug that had not been proven to improve survival. By the way, Wagner was on OHP because her private insurance dumped her. OHP covering assisted suicide was voted on by the people of Oregon, and it was never offered to Wagner by any doctor. Physician assisted suicide is only discussed if the patient brings it up. But, I guess, why let facts get in the way of a good story? Here’s an ABC news story from 2008 covering it:

    You think there is something wrong with Obama supporting universal health care?


    1. Please, I would appreciate if when you comment you cite a reliable source and a quotation that contradictions something in the original post.

      Here is an excerpt from the link you provided:

      The 64-year-old Oregon woman, whose lung cancer had been in remission, learned the disease had returned and would likely kill her. Her last hope was a $4,000-a-month drug that her doctor prescribed for her, but the insurance company refused to pay.

      What the Oregon Health Plan did agree to cover, however, were drugs for a physician-assisted death. Those drugs would cost about $50.

      “It was horrible,” Wagner told “I got a letter in the mail that basically said if you want to take the pills, we will help you get that from the doctor and we will stand there and watch you die. But we won’t give you the medication to live.”

      It corroborates the original story EXACTLY. The “insurance company” is a STATE RUN PLAN, as the article says near the bottom.

      Thank you for your comment.


      1. Wintery, from the same article:
        “The state-run Oregon Health Plan generously paid for thousands of dollars worth of chemotherapy, radiation, a special bed and a wheelchair, according to Wagner.”

        Note, OHP is the plan Oregon implemented with block grant Medicaid money, and is supplemented by state funds. Her private insurance company had dumped her and would not pay for the experimental drug either.

        I don’t know what the letter to which Wagner is referring said. I do know that in Oregon, where I live, there are very specific rules about what doctors can say about assisted suicide and when. It has to be patient-initiated. Maybe this changed since this story.

        Either way, government-run healthcare was the only thing that gave Wagner the chance to live as long as she did.


          1. “The care she needs” wouldn’t cure her. It may give her an extra two months of living in the ICU.

            The assisted suicide is an unrelated issue, but yes, if she were interested, it is covered.

            What do you think should happen? Do you think she should be given the experimental drug with the government paying? Do you think she should have bought better insurance in the first place? Do you think the private insurer should have been required to pay for her care?


          2. Great challenge. I concede that this situation is a difficult one. Please see my post on consumer-driven health-care. (And I mean at least listen to the first two podcasts!)

            The right answer of course is that she should have purchase private health care that is totally unregulated by the government. As long as the state kept their nose out of it, she would have realized that smoking costs a lot more money to have covered. With a state-run plan, they will not discriminate based on things like that, because they don’t care about making a profit. A private profit-driven company helps people to know the cost of their own choices.

            Obama’s plan is filled with minimum mandates and no price consequences for sexual or drug-related behaviors. The healthy will be made to pay for the sick, and all will get in the same line to wait for care from the bureaucrats. No one will be forced to consider changing their behaviors because they the fact that some behaviors are more expensive than others will be concealed.


          3. Billy,

            You make good posts, and as such comments like “It may give her an extra two months of living in the ICU.” Are simply beneath you.

            Firstly, that is not a factually based statement. The Oregon health care system is essentially operating on 1993’s medical technology, and using that technology as the standard by which all new decisions are made. The drugs that her doctor has recommended are 15 years more advanced than what existed in 1993, and I’m sure you understand the lightyears that cancer treatments have advanced since 93. We are not talking “2 more months in an ICU”

            Secondly, you may try to explain away or rationalize the situation, but I can’t see a way that you can avoid the actual facts of the situation: the state of Oregon sent her a letter refusing to pay for her cancer treatment, but offering to pay for her euthanasia. Do you dispute the facts? If so, what facts do you dispute? That the letter was actually sent? That it said what it said?

            I strongly encourage you to return to making fact based posts, as they are more suited to you.


    2. Billy,

      “Why are the people at the townhalls so rude? Can’t they engage in civil discussion?”

      Red Herring. The issue is that the elected representatives are derelict in their duty, breaking their oath of office, and actively going against the best interest of the constituents.

      The issue is not rudeness in the face of an attempt at tyranny. The issue is the attempt at tyranny. But really, weren’t those founding fathers so RUDE towards the British?

      Your red herring indicates the intellectual weakness of your argument.


  2. Meh, I think shouting over people is rude, but I don’t think a chorus of boo’s when a politician stands and tells a lie is particularly out of place.

    What I find most telling are the Q&As, where representatives flatly refuse to answer questions or shout over their constituents.

    What should be more importantant to a representative, hearing their constituents or telling them what they should think?


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