How do we stop the mass exodus of men from the church?

Pastor Kreitsauce wrote a post a while back discussing the exodus of men from the church.

Here are the numbers fro the web site Church for Men:

  • American churches on average display an incredible gender gap- 69% women and 31% men. That translates to about 13 million more women attending than men.
  • 1 in 4 “churched” women will attend the Sunday service without their husbands, while 80% of attendees at the midweek services are women.
  • Over 70% of boys raised in church will drop out by the end of their college years.
  • At Christian colleges, the ratio of female to male students is 2 to 1.

Kreitsauce writes:

Men seem to enjoy theology, philosophy, politics, ethics, and science more than women do. They love debate, contest, competition, adventure, challenges, danger, risk, and achievement in a unique way. It isn’t that these are “men’s areas”, but there is something different in how men are wired that gives them an affinity for these things. As John Eldridge’s book Wild at Heart observes, our self-worth is intimately connected to these things. Men don’t feel complete unless they are accomplishing, building, and standing on something larger than themselves. As Christian comedian Jeff Allen has said, men need something worth dying for to make them truly come to life.

So what’s a church to do?

Click through and read his solutions. I agree with his solution, and this is what I do in my own life!

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