Jonathan M.’s report from the Westminster conference on science and faith

Posted here at Evolution News.

The summary:

Over the weekend, a number of us traveled to Philadelphia for the Westminster Conference on Science & Faith. The two-day event, which was a pack-out with nearly 800 attendees, featured notable speakers including John Lennox, Stephen Meyer, Douglas Axe, Paul Nelson, Vern Poythress, John West, Megan Best and Scott Oliphint. Over the course of Friday and Saturday, participants attended a total of three breakout sessions, with options of attending the science track, the theology and culture track, or the apologetics track. I decided to attend all three of the science breakout sessions, which featured Axe, Meyer and Nelson.

Click through and read the summaries of all the session to find out what’s new in science and faith.

By the way, Stephen C. Meyer has completed the sequel to “Signature in the Cell“, which was undoubtedly the best book on intelligent design available. That book focused on the origin of life and biological information, which is a strong argument for intelligent design. The sequel focuses on the sudden origin of all of the major body plans about 540 million years ago in Cambrian explosion. You can pre-order it here, along with some other downloadable goodies that make it a great deal – even better than Amazon, in my view.

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