Agnostic professor Steve Fuller lectures on intelligent design

Jonathan M. introduces the lecture over at Evolution News:

On July 14, 2012, an ID conference (“Design in Nature? Scientific and Philosophical Perspectives”) took place in Cambridge, England. The event featured prominent ID thinkers Dr. Stephen C. Meyer, Prof. Steve Fuller, Prof. Stephen Clark, and Dr. David Glass. Videos of the presentations are currently being uploaded for public viewing.

So far, Steve Fuller’s presentation is the only one available. In this lecture, Fuller talks about why intelligent design is not more popular among scientists and others. Viewers may recognize a familiar face in the Q&A, as Stephen Meyer himself weighs in with his thoughts on the talk.

About Steve Fuller:

  • University of Pittsburgh Ph.D., 1985 (History & Philosophy of Science) for “Bounded Rationality in Law and Science,” directed by J.E. McGuire.
  • Cambridge University:  M.Phil., 1981 (History & Philosophy of Science) for “The Concept of
  • Reduction in Phenomenology and Logical Positivism,” directed by Mary Hesse.
  • Columbia University:  B.A., summa cum laude, 1979 (History and Sociology).

He speaks quickly, but it’s a nice history of intelligent design and evolution, and hits on all the interesting issues.

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